Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin guitar cover). I made a guitar cover of one of the most iconic songs of rock music. When I started to play guitar I was impressed by Jimmy Page's sound in "Whole Lotta Love" and especially by his tone during the guitar solo.

2022.01.22 15:38 Efficient-Sir-2539 Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin guitar cover). I made a guitar cover of one of the most iconic songs of rock music. When I started to play guitar I was impressed by Jimmy Page's sound in "Whole Lotta Love" and especially by his tone during the guitar solo.

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2022.01.22 15:38 vitamine_substance33 First impressions of "Immutable" from the listening session - track-by-track (from www.metal1.info)

I found this on a german website, so I ran it through DeepL for you guys. Cause too lazy to translate it mysfelf. But here you go...

"Our impressions of "Immutable" in the track-by-track review
01 Broken Cog (5:35 min)
A leaden palm mute riff thunderously opens the album before lead guitar and snare join in. And just like that we find ourselves in MESHUGGAH typical oddtime polyrhythm. The track continues to build, a second lead guitar follows, harmonically doubling the first, and Jens Kidman meaningfully whispers his lyrics over it. The mood, even by MESHUGGAH standards, is quite somber and kept rather spherical. Immediately noticeable is the surprisingly dynamic, less aggressive and more organic production, which according to Haake, the band aimed for this time. Despite over five minutes playing time "Broken Cog" has structurally rather intro character. Quite suitable for the introduction - the piece would have kept a little shorter but also fulfilled its function.

02 The Abysmal Eye (4:55 min)
The song starts with a rhythmic double-bass pattern in midtempo, which reminds in the first moment clearly more of Gojira than of MESHUGGAH. In the first two minutes, "The Absymal Eye" represents a rhythmically surprisingly simple song for the Swedes, which could have come from other bands. But MESHUGGAH would not be MESHUGGAH if it would stay like this until the end. From the middle on it gets much more tricky. The track is rounded off by a MESHUGGAH-typical, atonal seeming tapping solo. A solid track, but so far the band is still driving with the handbrake on.

03 Light The Shortening Fuse (4:28 min)
This changes now with song number three at the latest. "Light the Shortening Fuse" is the first classic MESHUGGAH song on the album and consequently starts with a brain-twisting odd-time riff plus lead guitar. In terms of tempo, the song is noticeably faster than its predecessor - and also better, not least thanks to the enormously strong, distinctive main riff. The second half is again dominated by rather spherical lead guitars, but overall the song remains much less gloomy and spherical than, say, "Broken Cog".

04 Phantoms (4:53 min)
"Phantoms" also comes up with a fantastic, grooving main riff, where a base note alternates with the ever-present power chord at precisely calculated intervals. The song focuses even more on rhythm and gets rid of the more melodic elements for it, so it also sounds like classic MESHUGGAH material. With a radical break in the middle of the song, the band then switches to another polyrhythm and introduces the next MESHUGGAH-typical element: the string-pulled low-frequency riff. At the end, an up-and-down sliding lead guitar joins in appropriately. All in all "Phantoms" proves to be as strong as "Light The Shortening Fuse" and thus represents another album highlight.

05 Ligature Marks (5:13 min)
MESHUGGAH step on the brakes again, but only in terms of speed - certainly not in terms of brutality. The brute-stomping track sounds as massive as many deathcore and brutal death metal bands would probably like to hear themselves. Slow, but anything but boring, as is unfortunately sometimes the case with more sluggish MESHUGGAH tracks. On top of the low guitar chords, a melody of long sustained single notes settles into quavered palm mute tones, ending again in a two-part melody. After five songs by now, Haake's description of a very melodic album for MESHUGGAH can be confirmed. The Swedes have probably never been so melodic on the road.
06 God He Sees In Mirrors (5:28 min)
Old-school fans of the band should take notice here. MESHUGGAH go right from second one full on and present a convoluted riff that could just as well be found on "Destroy Erase Improve". Again, however, the band serves here maximum medium tempo. Snappier tracks in the style of, for example, "Chaosphere"? Missing. Again there is an obligatory-harmony-free solo before the last struck chord tone fades out for a very long time. Solid, but no highlight.

07. they Move Below (9:35 min)
They Move Below" is by far the longest track of the album with nine and a half minutes. It is introduced quite untypically by a quiet, long clean guitar intro, again with two-part leads. In the first third, the song follows a rather subdued, relaxed mood, but remains little spectacular and does not show itself particularly catchy. After two and a half minutes the supposedly redeeming midtempo riff sets in. But immediately disillusionment sets in, because this grooves far less than everything heard so far on the album and drags along rather sluggishly. Since after half of the song still no vocals are heard, it slowly becomes clear that this is an instrumental piece. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a complete mistake, because no other song on the album has so little instrumental tension to offer on the one hand and on the other hand drags on for a completely bloated nine and a half minutes. Thus, of all things, the centrally placed mammoth work turns out to be the weakest song by far.

08 Kaleidoscope (4:07 min)
And another midtempo stomper. Gradually some boredom sets in, the elements repeat themselves: again a low frequency riff, again complex rhythms for the sake of complexity and again an atonal solo. All in all okay, but "Kaleidoscope" passes by almost unnoticed and doesn't manage to stand out from the other tracks - neither in a positive nor in a negative sense.

09 Black Cathedral (2:00 min
Thankfully, something completely new actually follows: a tremolo riff! Stylistically this doesn't fit to MESHUGGAH's sound at all, but seems rather Black- resp. Death-Metal-like. A second tremolo guitar joins in, no trace of the rest of the instruments. A look at the running time of only two minutes reveals: "Black Cathedral" is not a full-fledged song, but unfortunately only an interlude. Too bad, it would have been very exciting to hear a real song with these elements. Instead, the short interlude, which ends irritatingly abrupt, completely without drums and other instruments, seems like an unfinished demo of a riff idea.

10 I Am That Thirst (4:40 min)
After the longer sag in the middle of the album, something faster finally follows in the last third. "I Am That Thirst" grooves properly and unites once more typical MESHUGGAH trademarks. Compact and excitingly composed, the song gets by largely without filler moments. Although the piece can not quite compete with the highlight tracks "Light The Shortening Fuse" and "Phantoms", but still remains as one of the more successful compositions in memory. In the last third of the song, there is a break on individually strummed chords that slowly but steadily build up like building blocks into a complex groove riff. One of the most insane parts on the album and a noticeably nerdy concession to all musicians among MESHUGGAH fans. Strong!

11 The Faultless (4:48 min)
... which unfortunately can't be said about "The Faultless". Like "Kaleidoscope", the song burbles along unspectacularly. A quite classic MESHUGGAH filler: solid, no highlight, no outlier downwards. But also no song that sticks. Slowly fatigue sets in. But where the longest MESHUGGAH albums so far ended at the latest after this playing time, here come two more pieces.

12 Armies Of The Preposterous (5:15 min)
If you are a bit sleepy by now, "Armies Of The Preposteruous" will wake you up with a furious tom-based 16th drum groove. Thereupon doomy riffs are laid over this beat - of course not without rhythmic finesse. At some point the straightforward 16th note pattern of the drums also adapts to the doomy tempo, bass drum and guitar now play choppy 16th note grooves over the still slowly stomping beat. This makes the song equally heavy as well as dynamic. "Armies Of The Preposterous" works pleasingly well and sticks much better than most of the other songs on "Immutable".

13 Past Tense (5:46 min)
The final track starts again with unusually calm, bassy clean guitars and spreads a gloomy mood similar to the intro. However, the constant expectation that it will start right away remains unfulfilled: After two minutes, the song still meanders along unchanged. After three minutes it then slowly becomes clear: There is nothing more to come. The song remains an unexciting instrumental clean guitar piece until the end. Towards the end it becomes a bit more melodic, but that doesn't save much. Nice meant as an outro, but with almost six minutes for it clearly too long.

Our first conclusion about "Immutable:
With their ninth album, has MESHUGGAH managed to break up the predictability that has crept into their music over the last two albums and bring a breath of fresh air into their sound? Not really. It is true that MESHUGGAH introduce one or the other unusual element on "Immutable". Unfortunately, not every one of them works equally well. Overall, the disc lacks groundbreaking moments, as legendary albums like "Destroy Erase Improve" (1995), "Chaosphere" (1998) or "obZen" (2008) could present several times. "Immutable", however, seems - following the first impression - rather like another merely solid entry in the discography of the Swedes.

Of course, MESHUGGAH's complicated, multi-layered music usually grows with several passes. In this respect, it is not impossible that the effect of "Immutable" also unfolds completely only after repeated listening. That one has here a revolutionary work and not just another good album, can be ruled out already. For that MESHUGGAH lacks on "Immutable" too much the courage to leave their own comfort zone. So MESHUGGAH will remain MESHUGGAH in 2021 - completely "immutable"."
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2022.01.22 15:38 kingpr1ck Rachel went back to work in 2003

It is now 19 years later and I just rewatched this episode and was in shock. Whilst being a comedy show Friends tended to take a modern take on parenthood except in this case. Rachel went back to work in mere WEEKS, Ross jokingly says he has to borrow her breasts to take care of Emma. And now, 19 years later this is still a joke that LANDS RIGHT.
This scene and this episode honestly make me glad to be European but this is…truly a joke. It’s a madness.
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2022.01.22 15:38 Vallejotacoz Is it odd if a 20 something didn’t know who Prince was?

A few years ago a guy c. my age didn’t know who he was. Not seriously weird and not really our gen but still would figure most’d know
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2022.01.22 15:38 invisibleyute PDFs pages not showing on chrome

I’ve used the free version of elementor to create a very basic portfolio page: igoraugust.com.
I inserted the pdf pages individually using the image element and dragging the pdf page into the media library. This shows up as intended when I check safari, however when I check chrome the pages that are PDFs simply don’t show up. The few visible pages are blank pages that I made into jpegs.
Now, I know there are pdf plugins I could use. At first I faffed around with them, but I didn’t actually want a slideshow, nor any controls or icons to move the pdf along. All I wanted was simple scrolling page, with two pdf pages side by side, as though it were an eBook or preview on MacOS.
Also, I’m fairly sure all those PDF pages are making the page load slowly. If all else fails I’ll convert the PDF into lots of JPEGs, but those don’t only lose quality but also their colours. If it comes to that, is there a way to mass convert all of those elements/images from PDF to jpeg?
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Been to a couple Walgreens and cvs so far and they are all sold out. Anyone know where I can get a rapid test? I'm in north Las Vegas but I'm open to suggestions outside the area.
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Collecting some cactus and would like to know IDs, please. Last cactus I've had about 7 years, got it from Lowes I think. It's looked much healthier at one point and we always called it Medusa after the Gorgon 🤷‍♂️ submitted by Sp4ce_C4pt4in to cactus [link] [comments]

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I’ve been grinding fairly hard all season and I’m not really close, what’s the secret?
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