Why Do Grocery Stores Still Have Ethnic Aisles?

The cost analysis as it relates to starting a grocery store business in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia can be said to be almost the same except for few variations. For instance, most of the goods / products that you are likely going to find in a standard grocery store are of international brand hence if you are able to find the product in a grocery store in ... Why the well-to-do U.S. is now taking health ... the pandemic — and that's made long-standing racial and ethnic health disparities glaringly obvious. ... rent assistance and grocery deliveries ... ‘Ethnic’ grocery shops offer a wider range of special ingredients, usually at a better price than supermarkets, which usually only stock bestsellers Ethnic grocery stores in the Netherlands. Another option for Dutch grocery shopping is ethnic supermarkets. There are plenty of these stores across the Netherlands, particularly in larger towns and cities where there are more ethnically diverse populations. Many are Turkish supermarkets, but Moroccan, Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese grocery ... Destiny African Market & Variety Store, which opened in November in Randolph, is one of a relatively small number of grocery stores specializing in Afro-Caribbean foods in Greater Boston. It ... Since more women have careers now, they don’t meet up with friends on, say, a Tuesday morning. They do, however, get together for coffee. Whether it’s at a Starbucks (did you know how Starbucks got its name?) or the cute coffee shop in town, many women have kept this tradition alive.

2022.01.22 15:34 mateobus Why Do Grocery Stores Still Have Ethnic Aisles?

I discovered this video which touches on the pros and cons of ethnic grocery aisles and questions whether that approach is better than organizing all food by type. While there aren't any conclusions drawn it's an interesting topic that I hadn't considered before and am wondering what opinions people have on this topic.
Should grocery stores continue to have ethnic aisles?
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2022.01.22 15:34 Olivestu 3 yr old. One eye extremely bad, other not too bad. Is that typical or extremely rare? Any hope going forward?

So my Son's eye recently started drifting up and out badly out of nowhere, so we took him to the optometrist (for the first time.. which I deeply regret not having taken him much earlier just for a checkup.) The results of the exam are as follows: https://imgur.com/a/LBIoPNp The doctor was extremely surprised by the results. He even went to show other doctors at the office because he said he'd never seen something this bad in only one eye. We asked a ton of questions and the following were the answers we got: Doc said he won't be able to get corrective surgery even later down the line as the vision is too bad in that eye. He has to be patched every day for many years to try to help the amblyopia. And obviously he has to wear glasses, which we already got. The glasses are extremely thick on the side of the bad eye, so he just looks so odd wearing them as they make his eye look extremely small. The vision in the bad eye, however, can only be corrected to 20/60 at best with the lenses, so he still cannot see very well out of that eye. The doc said that's the best they can do with his eyes. The doc also said the vision will likely never improve, and likely only continue getting worse... Other than that, the doctor just said there's nothing we can do, and just come back every few months to see if the eye has gotten worse.
So we really left extremely concerned for our son, without really having any hope that he can ever really have good vision in that eye, and that he will likely have to wear these glasses that are so thick on only one side, which (sad to say) will likely get made fun of when he starts going to school.
So with that, has anyone had experience with children with similar prescriptions who would have any advice or tips from experience? We just want what's best for him and want to do anything we can to help him going forward.
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ok so i used to bleach and color my hair a lot in 2020 and my hair got pretty damaged. About half of my has grown and is now my natural hair but my ends are damaged, i’ve bleached my hair two times in total but i have dyed it around 10 times and i haven’t done anything to my hair that would damage it in a bout a year. I wanna bleach and dye my hair but i don’t know if it’ll cause my ends to become super damaged, does anyone know if my hair would be okay if i bleached and dyed it again??
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so ive been wanting to share some of my music taste with my mom for a while, the thing is that she cant reaily understand english. But she can speak swedish. i made listen to en livestid i krig and she reaily liked.
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As title. Just drove by and there's signs all over the doors.
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2022.01.22 15:34 t0astedangst13 How does "To love is to let go" make any sense? If you love someone, shouldn't you never let them go no matter what?

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2022.01.22 15:34 uaremedy [US-FL] [H] kbd67 lite r3 with lubed tangie stabs & Idobao ID67V2 with lubed lynx [W] paypal

Looking for 120 shipped for the kbd
Looking for 220 shipped for the idobao (price includes all of the lubed lynx switches)
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Does anywhere know if there's a place with weekly dnd game, or a group I can join up with.
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add me on snap @ realpaids
5$ dropbox of girls
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