r8eas 5yi2k b8dts iek5n 3s37z nf4f6 nz5y2 infya y292e r9k55 4shsk 77tzb na2fy ks9yb 9d495 7n5he y926r a3itk k8kad 8nz78 26br5 2Pac - Don't Call Me Bitch (OG Vibe) (Best Q Remake) |

2Pac - Don't Call Me Bitch (OG Vibe) (Best Q Remake)

2022.01.22 15:33 mhjul91 2Pac - Don't Call Me Bitch (OG Vibe) (Best Q Remake)

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2022.01.22 15:33 Swopa_Floff MOEIO NFTS WAEV 2

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2022.01.22 15:33 ovisser1 Reddit, meet Fleek.

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2022.01.22 15:33 MrScottimus Was watching Hey Duggee with the kid and caught this on the shelf

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2022.01.22 15:33 chichi_eats [Homemade] Breakfast Carbonara

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2022.01.22 15:33 winkelkar Yes, I'm looking at you.

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2022.01.22 15:33 averyangryshampoo What's your favourite DAgames song?

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2022.01.22 15:33 DemUnderground A rigged economic and political system is when

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2022.01.22 15:33 mediarch After years of playing medic I finally got my crossbow to Hale's Own

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2022.01.22 15:33 Numerous_Tomatillo92 👙 Bikini Booty 🍑| Just Launched 🚀 | ✅ Major Marketing Already Started | x1000 Gem 🚀| BUSD Rewards 💵 | Elon Tweeted About Us |The SEXIEST BSC Token 💋

Welcome to Bikini Booty, the world's next king meme token.
💥 Contract: 0x7f5ff221062a344967d987c79ff80c96b52de041
🌐 Buy here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x7f5ff221062a344967d987c79ff80c96b52de041
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
💵 0% tax buy - 12% tax sell
🐶5% Floki Rewards
📰 2.5 % to Marketing
🔥 3% to Liquidity
👥 1.5% to Team
💻 Website Coming Very Soon
👑 Hold and earn BUSD
Bikini Booty is revolutionizing the metaverse. Soon, we will have full metaverse integration along with Play-2-Earn gaming. Early holders will reap the most rewards, so get in now!
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2022.01.22 15:33 mimochi_a 🥴

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2022.01.22 15:33 SocialDistributist Question on what electoral structure would you like to see under a Social Distributist America?

This poll is asking what electoral structure you would like to see under a Social Distributist America. Of course, officially my original strain of Social Distributism (which doesn't have to represent all SocDists) proposes a mixed-member proportional representation system and voters can securely give their vote(s) via the Blockchain. In-person voting would still be available for those without Internet access (though this should largely be obsolete [unless an intentional community decides to ban such technology] as the internet companies will become under public control). Beyond voting for political offices, referendums will become more common place and people will often be directly voting for new laws, policies, community decisions, performance reviews of public officials, and more.
So, what kind of electoral system do you support? Either vote below or if you don't see your idea listed then comment below!
View Poll
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2022.01.22 15:33 3amchoke Fire in my throat…

I’ve had bad heartburn for days to the point I’m getting it in my mouth and I can’t breathe. A few days ago I started out with a bellyache in the morning and by the evening had bad reflux. Same again the next day. After this, I had soda after not drinking it for about a month or so and this obviously worsened it so I stopped drinking it. I haven’t changed my diet, but the reflux is getting worse and worse. I’ve had 40mg of esomeprazole and Gaviscon and nothing is working????
Any tips very welcome.
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3 ps4 players looking for a group preferably on a PS4 NY USA server. Looking to join another group or add more to our team. Currently playing on Science W3 monthly but willing to change servers. We're a chill trio with a months experience in game and looking for more active players to team up with. Comment here or add Defcon-x- on PS4.
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2022.01.22 15:33 blue_trains_ non technical user with a pretty bland question.

Hey so i bought PIA so that i could prevent websites from detecting my location. I'm trying to use dazn.de services but they are not allowing me to access the site. Is there a checklist of stuff i could do? or did i just waste 70 euros.
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2022.01.22 15:33 Acobb44 Need BR Players

I play with a few guys in my clan, but want to add some more people (friends, not clan advertising) who are down to run tight BR squads. PM your name, or comment if you want a couple requests.
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2022.01.22 15:33 CobaltAI Shattered Relics Set Effect Calculator

For anyone else that is sick of scrolling around in the wiki, feel free to use my rudimentary calculator.Calculator Link
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2022.01.22 15:33 ZestyBeefBroth What do you do?

You find yourself jumping on a trampoline one minute, and the next, falling through reality itself. You black out due to the impact, but you wake up to a yellow-ish room that seems to stretch out with different corridors. You've read about this before, and you know exactly where you are. You know monsters are on their way, and that this place is bigger than it seems. You are in the backrooms. What do you do?
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2022.01.22 15:33 sirustalcelion How should you do winter Cottagecore?

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2022.01.22 15:33 TheHolyHoosier Need proof that you can't sell your soul

my dad insists on it being a real thing and it causes me anxiety
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2022.01.22 15:33 cloctor 台湾是太平洋的塞子!美前国安顾问忧俄乌冲突 揭中国潜在犯台时间

台湾是太平洋的塞子!美前国安顾问忧俄乌冲突 揭中国潜在犯台时间
美国国家安全顾问欧布莱恩(Robert O'Brien)。 图:翻摄自欧布莱恩推特
美国前国家安全顾问欧布莱恩(Robert O'Brien)于当地时间 21 日在美国福斯新闻(Fox News)上警告,美国的竞争对手和敌对国家正密切地关注美国总统拜登和俄罗斯总统普丁在乌克兰危机中採取的行动,俄国的入侵将对美国本土造成更大的威胁。
根据福斯新闻报导,19 日拜登曾在白宫记者会上表示,如果俄罗斯只是「小规模入侵」(minor incursion)乌克兰,美方採取的应对行动将会与俄罗斯「大动作入侵」不同,而此番言论受到严厉批评。欧布莱恩在表示,中共领导人习近平正在密切关注俄乌冲突的具体情况。
欧布莱恩说,首先,美国在欧洲的主要国家安全利益考量是确保北大西洋公约组织 (NATO)得到防御,不希望俄罗斯与非北约会员国有过多互动,以防对北约阵线国家造成压力。

newtalk2022.01.22 杨于萱
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2022.01.22 15:33 Rescue_9 Some Avatar inspired artwork I did recently

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2022.01.22 15:33 bendgame Transactions stuck in pending?

I've been launching some test contracts while learning solidity and I have a few of them stuck in a pending mode on testnetv2. Is there a way to cancel them or will they reverse at some point or am I just out that gas? I republish the contracts that are stuck in pending and they work fine.
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2022.01.22 15:33 Bellereina If anyone should know what ducks eat. It should be Marisol since she has her ‘Duck Of The Day’ page… but she just shuts down the conversation.

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2022.01.22 15:33 DemUnderground Biden says Roe v. Wade under attack like 'never before'

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