[SECRET] tornado dragon attack helicopter | Dracodemon ATGM

2021.12.09 00:11 AlexSlyFox [SECRET] tornado dragon attack helicopter | Dracodemon ATGM

Tornado Dragon (attack helicopter) Specifications

The Tornado Dragon's primary armament will be an air-deployed variant of an ATGM under development (Dracodemon-Air). An advanced homing system will be in place, allowing it to target enemy vehicles on the ground with maximum accuracy.
Full armaments list
other features
The Tornado Dragon will include the EDIC BMS supplied by the ADIR. It will also have nightvision, infrared vision, passive infrared countermeasures, AESA radars, and a thermal camera. However the most unique feature seen on the Tornado Dragon is the fact that it can be used as a drone command center, capable deploying up to 5 small UAVs, similar to the technology seen on the Dassault EN and SDM-69 6th gen fighter jets. While these UAVs will have small payloads, their main role is surveillance and advanced targeting. As expected, cooperation with Dassault will be present on this helicopter.
year cost
2045 development $3 billion
2046 development $3 billion
2047 development $3 billion
2048 testing $100 mil
2049 testing $100 mil
2050 90 delivered $3.15 bil
2051 90 delivered $3.15 bil
2052 90 delivered $3.15 bil
2053 90 delivered $3.15 bil
2054 90 delivered $3.15 bil
2055 90 delivered $3.15 bil
2056 90 delivered $3.15 bil
Dracodemon The Dracodemon will be the SSM's most advanced and ATGMs, carried by MBTS, IFVs, and APCs as well as an air-variant to equip attack helicopters (Dracodemon-Air). The Dracodemon will have multiple variants including:
The Dracodemon will be equipped with a tandem-charge high explosive anti tank (HEAT) armor piercing warhead, a as well as a seeker for fire-and-forget capabilities. It will also be equipped with a semi-active laser system. Attack speed is Mach 1.4.
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2021.12.09 00:11 Haunting_Calendar300 I need help

Can someone help me learn shaman i play on ps4 and I jus picked her up and I don’t know how to use her
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2021.12.09 00:11 Working-Objective-49 Pc version

How can i download pc version??? Thank you
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2021.12.09 00:11 ryancrazy1 Finished my private checkride yesterday. This was the view flying back home.

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2021.12.09 00:11 ObliviousPickle Asrock b550 extreme4/ryzen 1600af pairing, how screwed am i?

As title implies. Built two identical rigs for me and my wife - ryzen 1600AF CPU, b550 extreme 4 mobile, gskill trident 3200 ram, corsair 650w psu, in icue 220 case/rx 6600 XT card.

Put first machine together and no post no video output no bios splash screen, readout on board cycles through codes 15,16, etc and finally lands on 4d, manual says pci resource allocation.

Do I have a doa or did I screw myself when I placed the order?
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2021.12.09 00:11 ClitosaurusFuckinRex Donda

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2021.12.09 00:11 stoolsample2 Scott Peterson gets new life sentence in wife's murder after years on death row

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2021.12.09 00:11 TheMooseJedi (PS4)(DS3) Need help w Friede

PW: ds345
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2021.12.09 00:11 Red_head_on_reddit r8 my kingdom that will only decorate after I beat 12-30

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2021.12.09 00:11 LasVegasWasFun Loopring might be doing something with coinbase

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2021.12.09 00:11 CatStriking7561 How can the new USFL make money?

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2021.12.09 00:11 Humongous_Fungus_ Im not your average girl

Im a boy
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2021.12.09 00:11 SnooCompliments6333 Join this Discord!

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2021.12.09 00:11 TragicNotCute What positive habit would you suggest everyone try?

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2021.12.09 00:11 ThisIsAlarming Casting Interruption

NGL the biggest turn off of this game is the casting interruption. How far and few you interrupt an enemy attack versus how OFTEN everything you do is interrupted.
I decided to try a Might/Sorcery build with a V-Slow Hammer and it was disgusting how frequently I found myself not even capable of casting/basic attacking without interruption. 1-2 mobs, there is variation in cleaning up but the minute 4-5-6+ mobs show up you’re as good as dead with the consistent casting/combat interruption.
Are there builds that can find a way around this or is this just part of the game?
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2021.12.09 00:11 Right-Culture-71 🐲 Dragon Crypto Gaming: Aurum | AVAX | Check this awesome guide made by @AvalancheSnap for The Legend of Aurum Draconis, an NFT-based PlayToEarn RPG set in an ever-expanding fantasy metaverse!

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2021.12.09 00:11 PossiblyChuck Whats going on with r/DuggarsSnark and who are they?

I have seen that Reddit hit the front page multiple times but I really have no idea who they are and what’s going on. Please fill me in?
Reddit example
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2021.12.09 00:11 Hstevens0527 Prime Apes Are Set to Launch Their NFT Project on Ethereum

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2021.12.09 00:11 GeneralNJ Cuddly Fuck Time...

...is about to happen. My heart is warm and joyful.
That's all. Just figured I'd post something positive and happy.
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2021.12.09 00:11 bogodee Wagon ready if anyone wants to join. Double $ right now for deliveries

Add me @hyekuro_jan
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2021.12.09 00:11 Swayko sound asleep

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2021.12.09 00:11 KonpeitoKiss パラシテ / 初音ミク

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2021.12.09 00:11 JustTheFishGirl Sore nipples, unsure why

Starting yesterday my nipples got really sore. I’m on month 3 (9 days into the pack) of Slynd (a progesterone only pill) I take it on time within an hour every day (the missed window for this pill is 24 hrs). I haven’t gotten a period on this pill at all. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. Any other reason my nipples could suddenly be sore? Should I be worried about being pregnant?
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2021.12.09 00:11 LG-SpaceCowboy Lions? Like the zoo animal??

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2021.12.09 00:11 Nate4l1f3 Settlement check

Can someone link me to the discussion about this? I’m late to the party and want to see if everyone got theirs and if everyone got the same amount.
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