Restroom question.

2021.12.09 02:02 ImWezlsquez Restroom question.

This isn’t machining related, but it keeps happening at work, so I’m going to post it here. Maybe someone can help me figure this out.
Ok. So the restroom at my work, (machine shop), is a one person at a time deal. No multiple stalls, etc. There is a single toilet and next to that, a single urinal. About once a week, I’ll go in there and someone has lifted the lid on the toilet. It’s not for cleaning purposes, we have a person that comes in every Friday for that. There is no particular rhyme or reason as far as what day of the week this happens.
My question is, if you’re going to take a whiz in there, why in the name of all that is holy, would you lift the toilet seat when the urinal is 2 feet away? I totally don’t get it.
Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your ideas as to WTAF!
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2021.12.09 02:02 thom_ftc Thrift Store CD finds 12/08/2022

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2021.12.09 02:02 footballlover18 talk to me ‼️

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2021.12.09 02:02 DarK_DMoney Pistol mounted on plate carrier

I’ve seen this before, even in photos of SF types; and it looks retarded. Is there an actual real world purpose to this?
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2021.12.09 02:02 kittyonreddit ❄️ Posting pictures of Holy Megucas till Christmas: Day 9, Mitama Yakumo by よしの ❄️

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2021.12.09 02:02 The_7_Maskim Decatholicize - God Ends Here

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2021.12.09 02:02 avoltaire12 [GTM] Tetsuo the Marble Man

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2021.12.09 02:02 Euroaltic I Make Too Many Suggestions

Type: Fire
Skill: Fiery Rebirth- Creates a ring of fire that quickly bursts out around the Phoenix with no knockback, very similar to the Mushroom Boss's spores. However, instead of poison, this fire ring (of course) inflicts a burning effect. But there's still a twist; namesakely, the Phoenix and the Tamer regenerate HP when its skill deals damage.
Tames easier with: Appletor
Mountable: Yes
Biome: Desert
Spawns by: Volcano Boss
Notes: Without any skill usage, Phoenix is the fastest animal to spawn in the Desert- save for the Fairies.
Type: Combat
Skill: Dash and Slash- The osprey will quickly dash forward with its legs facing forward. It will then slash enemies, grabbing them and dealing damage in the process. Enemies can't attack while grabbed, and unlike the Lynx, they can't move until released.
Tames easier with: Slingshot
Mountable: Yes
Biome: Green Forest
Spawns by: Natural
Notes: The Osprey is very similar to the Lynx, only slower but with more HP.
Snowy Owl
Type: Ice
Skill: Frozen Feather- Creates a swirl of feathers around the enemy. The feathers do extremely weak damage, even weaker than the Barn Owl (its original/non-snowy counterpart), but the vortex inflicts a freezing effect which makes movement and defense decrease.
Tames easier with: Slingshot
Mountable: Yes
Biome: Snow Forest
Spawns by: Natural
Notes: Being that Snowy Owl is basically just an Ice Variant of the Barn Owl, Snowy Owl would be a Ice/Spectrum Fusion if Fusions existed.
Type: Fire
Skill: Ablazing Punch- Charges a punch, very similar to the Living Mushroom- but with a twist. The punch has little to no knockback, and the impact damage is relatively low, but it inflicts a deadly burning effect that makes Infernal in insanely powerful animal.
Tames easier with: Slingshot
Mountable: Yes
Biome: Desert
Spawns by: Volcano Boss
Notes: Infernal is what happens when a Spectrum, Mega Punch, and Fireball fuse together.
Architect Hat
Cost (In Gold): 8500
Ingame Description: Buildings have more DPS and/or HP
Long Description: The IG Desc. says everything you need to know; buildings made by you are more durable if the Architect Hat is equipped. And if you have damaging structures like turrets or spikes, they have more HP and Damage.
Binocular Hat
Cost (In Gold): 9000
Ingame Description: Better FOV but slightly slower (melee weapons deal less damage)
Long Description: While the Binocular Hat is equipped, you can see further. However, you move slower, and while projectile weapons (bow, crossbow, musket, appletor, and slingshot) are unaffected, melee weapons deal less damage to imitate how you're focusing on things far away rather than close up.
Heart Wings
Cost (In Gold): 20000
Ingame Description: Appletor helps tame all animals
Long Description: Not much to add on here. Equipping the Heart Wings will cause the AppletoGolden Appletor to increase the taming chance of all sleeping babies rather than certain animals.
Shield Wings
Cost (In Gold): 15000
Ingame Description: More defense but slower
Long Description: Basically the ingame description but with a slight twist. As the IG Desc. says, your defense is higher and you move slower. However, unlike the Knight's Helmet, your speed is actually quite decent. But to balance this decent speed, Shield Wings don't have as much defense as the Knight's Helmet.
Volcano Boss
Type: Fire
Mini-Attacks: Falling Fireballs; Fireballs will launch from the top of the volcano boss. They hit the ground with a massive explosion, but uniquely don't do that much damage- probably to balance with the deadly burning effect it inflicts.
Power Attack: Eruption; Lava will quickly "run down" the top of the Volcano Boss, very similar to the Snow Tree's attack but with more range, speed, and a burning effect. The lava itself may not bring about a player's end (thanks to the knockback) but the range, speed, and burning effect of the lava can all pose a major threat to fighters.
HP: Whatever the normal Boss HP is.
Biome: Desert Biome
Spawns During Fight: Phoenixes (75%, 50%, and 25% HP) Fire Fairies (50% and 25% HP) Infernals (50% and 25% HP)
Spawns After Fight: 4 Tamable Pets; Varies between Phoenix, Fire Fairy, and Infernal. At least one of each will spawn after the battle. 3 Volcano Chests. In terms of HP and Gold Given, they're basically a normal chest.
Fun Facts:
-The Volcano Boss is the second boss that doesn't necessarily seem "alive," the first being the Dragon Egg.
-If the Volcano Boss were added, the Fire Fairy could spawn through three bosses.
Taming Chance- You know those times when you're taming a pet via AppletoSlingshot and it wakes up and you have to start all over again? Well, my idea is that if it wakes up via AppletoSlingshot taming, the last % it had when it woke up will be what you can start with. For example, if you tame a pet the 49% and on 50% it wakes up but goes back to sleep shortly after, you can start taming it from 49%.
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2021.12.09 02:02 Routine-Afternoon-39 Question, how much would a Iphone 13 Pro trade in be for the s21 Ultra?

Just curious, Im trying out the Iphone 13 Pro currently. Its pretty good but I might trade it in.
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2021.12.09 02:02 BornAd2797 Thoughts on HTHSCI 2T03: Sex, Gender, and Health ?

For those of you who have taken this course, what did u think of it? Did u feel the workload was manageable? Also, would u say this course is birdy/an easy 12? --> do TA's mark harshly or are they generally nice?
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2021.12.09 02:02 sluttysnack Christmas tree oh Christmas tree

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2021.12.09 02:02 HiddenNightmares Is it normal to feel left out?

I am MR7 (was MR16 on console before I moved) and I don't understand if I am wrong to feel this way but I want to enjoy everything I missed as best as possible (which means not rushing to get to the new war quest) however that means missing out on the new update.
I don't know if this is wrong but I want to wait a while before playing it.
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2021.12.09 02:02 Dunk_In_My_Donut (24F) new to Instagram

Hey guys, I'm new to Instagram and needing people to follow me. Please follow imomo_97 and I'll follow back .
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2021.12.09 02:02 ricegato Feeling fucked up

Idk so. I have a lot of ptsd and its bad, i recently got out of an abusive relationship so im all over the place and im insanely anxious and mad and depressed so a joy basically Lol. Im thin again, purging the smallest snacks and i have no more safe foods that i enjoy much less keep. Im at my weight or nearing it at least, that i was before i did inpatient. I see it tonight after i purged my dinner, my cheeks are thin, im scrawny. I couldnt care less, i feel really emotionally totalled and im sad as fuck. Theres no point to this shit is there? Im proud of myself im thin again, and i know thats not okay. But its all i have. Im really messed up now but im not that kid who is heavy anymore. Idk lol. I dont want christmas this year just some peace
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2021.12.09 02:02 denmarkenjoyer my french hw was so hard tonight omfg it rocked my world and turned my brain to mush

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2021.12.09 02:02 birthdaykichi Dave art i made a while back ^^

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2021.12.09 02:02 shiggy_azalea Cowboy Bebop style Bell peppers and beef

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2021.12.09 02:02 Cold-Lingonberry-278 We just want a normal life

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2021.12.09 02:02 _YoYo- art contest

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2021.12.09 02:02 Elani_Real Umm, What is This Opening Called Again...

Umm, What is This Opening Called Again...
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2021.12.09 02:02 Abject_Delay_7495 🚀GoldenDogRun | $BUSD Rewards | Locked Liquidity | Anti-Whale System | Play-To-Earn-Mobile Game | Huge Marketing | 1000x potential 🚀

🚀GoldenDogRun $GDR | A decentralized Hyper deflationary earn-to-play mobile NFT game that offers 7% of BUSD rewards from each transaction to all of the holders of the token. A first of it’s kind project that offers the best of all worlds. NFT, gaming, passive income and mobile entertainment.Oh yeah, did we mention that there is a prize pool in the game? 🚀

👉$GDR rewards his hodler with 7% $BUSD every 60 min.💸
🔒Locked Liquidity🔒
📣Big Marketing spendings📣
🎮Play-To-Earn-Mobile-Game in Development🎮
🙅‍♂️Not another Meme-Coin🙅‍♂️
🤑The only problem you're gonna have is, that you didn't buy more. 🤑

1,000,000,000 $GDR

Contract: 0xde3ebf5876ddd5586d7bd5b6f5b36dbdf0fcc318
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.09 02:02 frankiemacdonald1984 Heavy Rain Now Upgraded to a Major Storm for Vancouver Island on Friday December 10, 2021

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2021.12.09 02:02 theentirety Figma Plugin Event

Tomorrow! 🔥🔥🔥
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2021.12.09 02:02 Adventurous_Leave949 [Media] A Christmas Grinch: Dirty Present Stealer!

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2021.12.09 02:02 Mumen_Raida_ Your rod would be better.

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