i4h9a a945t 2ee9h 5szs3 877nn b5eza i75t6 5t5tk kfsse 3izk4 kh2f2 aise7 ss5i9 2btsz 756ni 9byzr i829e i9s4e nhzet z5zdi habbn What's more IMPORTANT? |

What's more IMPORTANT?

2021.12.09 02:08 _chocomello What's more IMPORTANT?

Is it pedigree?
Is it your current company and TC?
Is it relevant experience in a particular tech stack?
Asking the experienced folks here, what will you suggest to focus on? Can you just hop company to company, just with strong DSA skills?
Is it better to specialise in a particular stack irrespective of the current pay, or be a generalist and just blindly chase higher TCs and bigger companines?
What can I, as a fresher, do to ensure a long stable career?
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2021.12.09 02:08 Eyeneedthedot Is there any way to log in to an account without a 2 FA login code

I’m able to login to my account, but the only thing stopping me from getting in is the Login code which I no longer have access to since I connected my ig account to duo on a different device. Is there any way to by pass this since I’m using the correct login info?
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2021.12.09 02:08 Queen-Chantelle-88 Please help I need Toto!

Please help I need Toto! submitted by Queen-Chantelle-88 to CoinMasterGame [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 02:08 808mma conditional formating/ macro highlighting same values that equal

I need to be able to highlight variable length information, vertically, I need the information highlighted.
For example, I need the one and negative one highlighted. The values need to be match of different signs. I'm a newbie to macros. I have Excel 2016.
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2021.12.09 02:08 Daniel_3D When LoL meets DnD: Sweetheart Tibbers mini!

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2021.12.09 02:08 Bridge-etti Half way done with the premier dress.

Half way done with the premier dress. submitted by Bridge-etti to Dolls [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 02:08 DabuSurvivor Wow! I was rewatching BoJack Horseman, and I realized Jeff Probst makes a cameo—showing the exact moment he came up with the hourglass twist! Who knew?

Wow! I was rewatching BoJack Horseman, and I realized Jeff Probst makes a cameo—showing the exact moment he came up with the hourglass twist! Who knew? submitted by DabuSurvivor to survivor [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 02:08 -_Arthur_Morgan_- SPOILER Where is the stranger mission where you have to feed a feminist to an alligator?

I saw a video of the say question, but I have no idea where to find her in Saint Denis. I think she wore a black dress.
Thank for your help
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2021.12.09 02:08 Fandango_Jones Treppensturz im Homeoffice: Weg vom Bett ist gesetzlich unfallversichert

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2021.12.09 02:08 Daniel_3D When LoL meets DnD: Sweetheart Tibbers mini!

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2021.12.09 02:08 FalseProgress5 Never fed a bot before, but I got this stuff from my old dealer, Fidelity. 100% pure, grade a DRS GME.

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2021.12.09 02:08 MakeNoSoundW Who inspires you?

Hello fellow sensors.
I wonder: are there any characters, fictional or not, with the same MBTI as you, which you get inspired by?

On my end, as an ISTP I get a lot of inspiration from Miyamoto Musashi and his books.
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2021.12.09 02:08 Baileywritesthings Rapunzel Face Claim??

i’m writing a fanfic based on the daughter of Flynn and Rapunzel, and i’m having trouble finding a girl that resembles rapunzel but also fits the age range, considering her daughter is 16-17ish. Any recommendations or people in mind??
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2021.12.09 02:08 embarrass-mn-21 If we don’t get security of some kind I am done!

The ongoing plague of scumbags walking through the store like it’s their personal pantry and walking out with whatever they want is MADDENING! Today takes the cake. A herd of about 10 or 12 little shits walk in and start throwing random products around at will laughing and having a blast. Just at that moment local P.D. enters and puts a stop to it telling them that they are being instructed to never come back. Trespassed! One smart ass has the nerve to ask if she can pay for her Arizona teas and go. HELL NO! Then I get the “fuck you!” as they strut out the door. Be well you little mf’ers, Be well.
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2021.12.09 02:08 thelawboy21 let's go ms paint

Rest assured, this was high effort for me
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2021.12.09 02:08 FudgehogFan372 DreamWorks franchises; best to worst

1 - Madagascar Madagascar is a funny and entertaining franchise. It's home to three of my favourite animated movies of all time and two of the greatest shows I have ever seen in my entire life.
2 - Shrek Shrek is a pretty good franchise. Shrek 2 is my favorite DreamWorks movie. I know you're thinking "But why is Madagascar your favorite?" Simple - Shrek the Third bogs it down for me, but I can't overlook how good everything else is.
3 - How to Train Your Dragon How to Train Your Dragon takes several creative liberties with it's stories and characters from the books, such as Toothless, Hiccup's age, but I can forgive that since it's a good franchise in itself. I do appreciate the stories and characters, as well as the animation.
4 - Kung Fu Panda The fight scenes are honestly, pretty awesome. Good characters, good stories, good performances. I loved Kung Fu Panda 2, it was a masterpiece of filmmaking, and that's why it's this high on the list.
5 - The Croods I don't really like the first Croods; I thought it was boring, monotonous, and tedious. However, I enjoyed the sequel. It was funny, well written, well voiced, and overall - a good experience.
6 - Boss Baby I really didn't like the first Boss Baby - it had awful humor, an awful story, awful characters, etc. But as for Boss Baby 2, it wasn't really THAT good, but it was better than the first one.
7 - Spirit On one hand, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is an AMAZING achievement, but on the other, Spirit Untamed is the worst thing DreamWorks has ever made.
8 - Trolls I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't like EITHER of these godforsaken movies. I talk about it all the time with my friends on Discord, and I'll explain why - the characters are obnoxious, the stories suck, the art style sucks, the music sucks, and Poppy is the absolute WORST.
Remember, these are MY opinions. Thank you.
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2021.12.09 02:08 throwawayNeverEverpc How would I feel better, I cannot live like this

I feel depressed and have no energy. I don't feel hungry and cannot sleep. It's happening again after one year.
What can someone do to feel better instantly?
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2021.12.09 02:08 CanvasWars Few FREE Uncanny Apes. (1) vote this post up (2) Post your polygon wallet here. Good luck!!!! Apes will be sent within 24 -48 hours!

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2021.12.09 02:08 IdkIjustworkhere04 Midnight Screams

I guess no one understood the assignment, I heard like two screams smh.
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2021.12.09 02:08 barbiegirl34 My (30f) children (15f and 12f) told me they don't want anything to do with my family anymore

I will say now before I get asked yes I had my first child at 15 and my second at 18.
I have always kept a very open relationship to my children. They tell me everything and I never ever judge them. I also discuss things with them like racism and things like that. I am trying to raise good people. The issue is my family is a bit problematic. I have a good relationship with my mother but not my brother and the rest of the family is kind of iffy.
At a dinner the other day I went to my mums with my children and my brother was there (unbeknownst to me). Everything was fine I wasn't going to start an argument over dinner but then he made a racist comment about aboriginal people.
My kids and I became very uncomfortable and I could tell my 14yo was about to say something so we excused ourselves quickly. I didn't want my kids to be painted as bad people if they spoke up.
A few days later both my girls tell me at dinner they dont want to be near my family anymore. I didn't really react I just said ok and we carried on as normal. But the more I think about it the more I dont know what to do. Do I cut off my mum? I'm just lost and not sure how to move forward...
Tl;dr my children want to go nc with my family and im not sure what to do about it tbh
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2021.12.09 02:08 strawberry_leaves Heterochromia

Heterochromia submitted by strawberry_leaves to eyes [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 02:08 SeaWarthog6390 How much would I have to 💰💵💸 for some 🧠 ?? Any females?? CO Springs area ??

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2021.12.09 02:08 Ma-vv Vent

I think I’m depressed but I’m really tired of just thinking and not knowing. I’m never sure of myself and sometimes I feel like my decisions are not even my own. I feel like my brain doesn’t belong to me and my body isn’t mine. Sometimes I feel as if I’m a meat suit living outside the brain and sometimes I feel like I’m a brain stuck inside a meat suit. I never know and I’m tired of relying on people who just can’t understand. People always have to know what’s wrong to understand you but I can’t put anything into words. I’m never clear with what I want and a lot of times I don’t even know what I want. And when I do try to explain and put it into words it’s always I “think” I am this or that and the words fall like there not even my own. I don’t know who I am and I don’t know who I want to be. I wish I was nothing and I wish I was everything. But it’s always I think that I’m nothing and I think that I’m everything. Sometimes I think that I’m not even real.
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2021.12.09 02:08 SizzlinGrizzly Question

How are people getting these shiny high IV dittos, did I miss something?
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2021.12.09 02:08 dierdong22 Rokmaster (RKR.TSXV) to do more exploratory work in due time..2.9 million oz of gold at Revel Ridge Project in BC...incredible!!

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