CRUDapp using NodeJs and MongoDB(MERN Project)

2021.12.09 01:47 TronicBoy CRUDapp using NodeJs and MongoDB(MERN Project)

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2021.12.09 01:47 Aggravating_Diet_704 30 year old female & never had allergies. Then one day, I get a cold and now I’m allergic to everything. Haven’t stopped coughing for a year. Someone HELP 😩

Long story short- I am constantly coughing for over a year now. It’s not productive; It only goes away when it’s cold and dry.
I’ve tried all of the allergy meds and the only thing that helps is constitently taking mucinex.
When it gets cold and dry, I stop coughing immediately. For weeks, even months sometimes typically between January-February where I live when it gets cold and doesn’t rain.
I’ve been coughing since April of 2020. Got tested for covid a bunch, even antibodies, never had it. Cough continued until wintertime. Cough free until about March of 2021, then it came back with a vengeance. I haven’t stopped coughing since, except for mid November where it all of a sudden got really cold, and dry. It stayed cold and dry for about two weeks. Then the humidity started to increase and it got warmer, just slightly, until it started to rain.
Allergy triggers: -being inside. I almost never have a problem when I’m outside. -when the weather becomes humid and warm…..but I have NO problem in the shower when I take hot steamy shower which is everyday.
I’m ok when: -It’s dry and cold. Like below 50 degrees with humidity 40% or lower -the wetter it is outside, the more I cough -being outside doesn’t bother me
I’m so confused and idk what to do. I take a nasal spray, I’ve tried two, I’ve tried Claritin and xycal and Zyrtec. Nothing is working!!!!
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2021.12.09 01:47 Completeepicness_1 Flags of every nation in HOI4, Day 60: East Germany, tag: DDR

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2021.12.09 01:47 Prudent_Survey1989 FLAC of Angels Pulse

Just PM if interested!!
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2021.12.09 01:47 entalert Restocked at the OCS (Wednesday, 11:46 p.m. EST)

😊 Just in...

Product Price
Tropic GSC Sativa 1:0 510 Thread Cartridge 0.95g by General Admission $39.95
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2021.12.09 01:47 gabethefox12 Realistic Sherman firing

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2021.12.09 01:47 _Leaf- My first time making any fanart, its just a sketch but i might finish it later, i just wanted to make a little holiday emkay art for you guys since i love watching your videos! i hope you like it!

My first time making any fanart, its just a sketch but i might finish it later, i just wanted to make a little holiday emkay art for you guys since i love watching your videos! i hope you like it!
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2021.12.09 01:47 mysticteacher4 [USA][SELLING] Space Boy Graphic novel 1-5, Tokyo Babylon Omnibus 1, Tokyo Boys and girls 1-5, Kill la Kill vols 1,2, Full Metal Panic! 1-4,7, We Never Learn 1-4, Noragami 1,2 and more!

Hey everyone! looking to do some proverbial spring cleaning/get some money to get Christmas gifts! Prices are in the spreadsheet below, some prices I am fairly flexible, while others I am fairly firm on - just shoot an offer and I will consider it! I am now back in town and will be shipping everything as promptly as I can.


Item Description Price
Midori Days 1-5 G4 $40
Tokyo Boys and Girls 1-5 G4 $25
Shaman King 1,6 G3 $10
We Never Learn 1-4 G4/G5 $22
Blue Exorcist 1 G4 $6
Kill La Kill 1,2 G4 $135
Full Metal Panic! 1-4,7 G3 $20
RG Veda Omnibuses 1-3 (complete) G3/G4 $30
.Hack omnibus G5 $6
Tokyo Tarareba Girls 4 G5 Free with other purchases*
Descending Stories 1 G3/G4 Free with other purchases*
Space Boy 1-5 G5 $45
Noragami 1,2 G5 $14
Excel Saga 1,3,4,19 G3/G4 $12
Black God 2,3,5 G3 $15
Battle Angel Alita: Last order 1 G4 $8
Fruits Basket 20 x2 G5 $5 each
DearS 1-3,6 G3/G4 $25
Zodiac PI 1,4 G3 $10
Cheeky Angel 6,7 G4 $10
Foxy Lady 1-3 G4 $15
Pandora Hearts 1 G3/G4 $8
Maria Holic 1-3 G4 $10
Gate 1 G4 $7
Gunslinger Girls singles 1,2 G4 $8
Species Domain 1 G4 $5
My Girlfriend is a T-Rex! 1,2 G4 $12
Venus Vs Virus Omni 1 G3/G4 $7
Blue Morning 1 G4 $7
Not Lives 1 G4 $5
Knights Of Sidonia 2-5 G4/G5 $20
Hellsing Barnes And Noble hardcover 1 G3 $20
Tokyo Babylon Omnibus 1 G4 $50
*have to spend over $20 bucks to get something free
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2021.12.09 01:47 Lovesamemory Looking for a specific fic

I’m looking for a specific fic I read years ago that I can’t seem to find again and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it.
Basically, the gist is that instead of Jon being raised in Winterfell Ned makes a deal with the three kings guard to help raise him in secret in Driftmark. Ned has a whole conspiracy going and roping players from the seven kingdoms to overthrow Robert and get Jon his rightful crown with help from Benjen who isn’t at the wall. I do remember than Jon has a tight friend group with Sam, Gendry, Robb, and Ned Dayne. He does have Ghost by his side as well as hatching/raising Rhaegal and Viserion.
if anyone knows what fic this is I would greatly appreciate it!
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2021.12.09 01:47 thinkertink SECRET SANTA WHISKEY

I'm doing secret santa at work, the only thing my cowoker wrote down was Whiskey. The limit is $25. There us a 25 dollar bundle for Crown Royal that comes with 2 glasses. I was thinking about grabbing that. Is that a crappy whiskey? Does anyone have any recommendations if it is?
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2021.12.09 01:47 CannibalCr0w Don’t know if anyone else has found this yet, but I thought it was a great find!

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2021.12.09 01:47 AdCautious8433 LF: oranges and peaches

can trade bells, apples, pears, cherries, potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, or sugar cane!! Or something else if ya want it and i have it
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2021.12.09 01:47 AZS9994 Jesus Christ

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2021.12.09 01:47 ThisIsTheWay2001 Special thanks to Nader Pourhassan CEO the rock that CytoDyn is built on…the New Temple in Precision Medicine

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2021.12.09 01:47 weebtrash9 Signature Look of superiority

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2021.12.09 01:47 MysteriousIngenuity8 I raped a woman in my dream

I met a beautiful girl and she said i'm ugly, at this point I followed her to the toilet and I put a gun on her head and forced her to suck me and then to have sex with her.
Honestly this dream was nasty and I'm shocked. What does it mean?
In my opinion it means that I have some anger and frustation in my self and i should get ride of it, because I didnt want to rape her basically but when she said I'm ugly I had some anger and frustation feeling that made me want to rape her or something. I don't think I have sexual frustation (maybe a bit) but not that much, I don't care if I dont have sex with a woman over a long time, but In real life I'm not that confident (I'm 25) and I know that I'm somehow frustated when a woman doesn't tell me I'm looking good or something. That's a real problem I have to work on it. Honestly it scared me because I feel like, if I did it in my dream why would I not do it in real life? I don't want to but who knows, maybe this is my subconscious desire?
What do you think?
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2021.12.09 01:47 Lambrezyy Didn’t know such a order exist 😅

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2021.12.09 01:47 BlacAce2018 Just posted my second video on my channel. If you enjoy funny commentary over gameplay be sure to check out my video.

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2021.12.09 01:47 Tempest_Fugit I made a lot of bacon

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2021.12.09 01:47 evilpuggerina Hope turned vampire into hybrid

So remember in TO where Hope turned her one classmate into a hybrid. Does that ever happen again/ever get talked about. I just started Season 3, I’m not even finished with the first episode but that just popped into my head
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2021.12.09 01:47 Hefty-Examination-63 Are coronas actually gluten free?

Hi guys been celiac for a few years now and never drank any beer since. Everyone always tells me Corona is gluten free? I’ve never tested the theory but from what i find online, it sounds like a big no?
How do people get around not drinking beers? I find it difficult with customers/business sometimes when out.
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2021.12.09 01:47 kennbr Tenderizing with baking soda... What went wrong?

I read that I could use 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in 1/2 cup of water for every 12 ounces of meat as a tenderizing solution and to help the meat brown easier. I tried it on a chuck steak and it turned out okay, but I didn't really notice a difference. On that one I only soaked it for 15 minutes, but I prepared another one at the same time for the next day.
After soaking overnight in the fridge, I then fried it up. It smelled fine while cooking, but when it was done, it had a weird smell and taste. Kind of sweet. It did make it super tender this time, but ruined the flavor. I'm wondering if I just did not rinse the baking soda off well enough, or if maybe having let it sit in the water for so long was more to blame.
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2021.12.09 01:47 omonge3y Why do people run when burning alive?

I’m movies/tv shows or cartoons anybody who is burning alive always runs why is that?
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2021.12.09 01:47 NewsElfForEnterprise Ryan Reynolds is taking a break from acting to be with his kids: 'I really enjoy being a present dad'

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2021.12.09 01:47 opru What are some of y'all fav out-of-this-world, ethereal songs?

Some of mine are Reloaded by Summrs (the ending bro), [n][n] by izaya, and hunnas 3 by izaya
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