Just a fan of skateboarding!

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2021.12.09 01:35 Sanctimonious1 Just a fan of skateboarding!

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2021.12.09 01:35 louismccall A ride with part of the Ducati squad…

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2021.12.09 01:35 ThreeDucksInAManSuit The Whispering Race - 2


Within Agent Ramsey’s quarters aboard the apocalypse class battleship ‘Road to Harmony’ was an interactive holographic statue of an anime-esque girl in a typical ‘idol’ costume standing on a small mirrored stage.
Ramsey called her Clara.
On top of being cute and just generally fun to have around, Clara had the added benefit of keeping his quarters private from intrusion, since she made the aliens on board viscerally uncomfortable.
Ramsey bopped her affectionately on the head while closing the door behind him, a gesture that brought on a stream of adorably indignant chastisement, and threw himself into his computer chair.
A few minutes for routine security checks.
No bugs, electronic taps or digital software on his laptop that hadn’t been there before. Of course there wasn’t, even if espionage was the bread and butter of the galactic community, no one listened in on human comms.
No one.
He opened a secure channel.
Over the hiss of background static, a lone voice came by degrees into clarity.
“...ception of your reality, but what happens when those senses are fooled? By chemicals, or electronic hijack? How can you be so sure that what you see is…”
“Pink Panther reporting in, come in Central.”
He interrupted the never-ending stream of chatter to make his call.
“...does it really matter, what you’re doing? Does any of it matter if you aren’t ev- a colourblind genius sits in a black and white room.”
A more deliberate voice spoke over the soporific tones of the background noise.
“When they see a rainbow, do they learn anything new?”
Ramsey completed the other half of the cypher.
“Pink Panther…”
Said the voice, now overriding the whispers entirely.
“...we’re getting some disturbing reports. Care to fill us in?”
“Well… it wasn’t my fault.”
There was a static laden sigh.
“Pink Panther is this really the time?”
“You can’t see it right now, but I’m smiling.”
“Then cut it out. One of Earth’s top diplomats has been kidnapped by a bunch of underhive gang members and you apparently still have time to jerk us around.”
“Sorry Central… being around aliens all this time does things to you.”
Ramsey turned to Clara and winked, causing the holo to smother a fit of giggles.
“Captain Farah has began deepsweeps into the hive, commando teams have landed but there’s… well… a lot of hive down there, so I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere going door to door, especially when they’re being held by natives.”
“How did it happen in the first place?”
“I’m pretty sure some of the guards were plants… the break in was too clean for them to not have been receiving inside help.”
For a few seconds, Ramsey’s only reply was the hum of static from the comms channel.
“Plants? At the conference of species? That’s one hell of a security hole, are you sure?”
“The number of bodies didn’t match up with the guards who were supposed to be on detail, and we’re still working through the electronics, but it looks like the alarm system was tampered with.”
“... we’ll have to look into this. Strike force Cthulhu is nineteen hours out, you’re being given provisional command but…”
Central paused almost as if they could see Ramsey’s victorious fist pump.
“That is only so long as you behave. We’ll not have another incident like Aleph delta.”
“That… wasn’t my fault.”
Ramsey sounded significantly less cheeky the second time around.
“We know, that’s why you are still here and not sitting in a fucking gulag on the dark side of pluto. Do whatever digging you have to, when Cthulhu gets there they are gonna want something to go and shoot, capiche?”
“...Yes Central.”
“Good luck Pink Panther, Central out… Your senses dictate the perception of your reality, but what hap-”
Ramsey flicked the canned whispers off with a touch of the keyboard before swiveling his chair around.
Clara had headphones in, she was playing a video game just off screen from the holo. While Ramsey watched, she leapt from her chair and cheered, having won whatever game she was playing.
Not for the first time, Ramsey wondered what exactly she got up to while he wasn’t looking. Did she do entire animation sets behind his back? Or did the same four seconds loop until he turned to look again?
He closed his eyes and took his glasses off to wipe his brow.
“Dammit Tala…”
He muttered.
“Where the hell are you?”

The good news was that the stinging remnant from the stun dart Tala had been hit with didn’t hurt so much any more.
The bad news was that was because when the big hiver, Alsalaf, had tossed her down onto a metal floor without being able to brace with her tied hands, she had struck her head on something hard.
Everything swam, her vision blurred.
“...Diplomat Tala…ala…ala…la”
A voice echoed.
Sensations returned. The hum of machinery in the hive, somewhere above them. The plastic-y smell of sucrystals and the hubbub of what was probably some kind of market place. Grinding metal that could have been anything.
“It is her, is she OK?”
A vaguely familiar shape loomed over her, half seen in the blueish light.
“Hmmmn, hrrg.”
She tried to speak, but couldn’t. A huge alien finger brushed against the tape at her mouth, fumbling at the edges, but froze at the sound of a weapon clicking arming itself.
“Don’t touch it… not until we’re out.”
Heavy footsteps, the clang of a metal door swinging shut, and with an awful finality, a big metal bolt being racked.
The fingers returned and carefully peeled the tape away, letting her gasp.
She peered up at the alien who had taken it off her, it wasn’t alone, there were two other faces.
“Dip- Diplomat Okoran.”
She managed, seeing the blue skin and hippo like face of the kindly Togan ambassador.
“You’re OK!”
She sat up with some help from Okoran, whose gentle hand never left her back.
“Move slowly, they used a universal stun solution, it has not affected us all equally.”
Someone else was fussing over her bonds while Okoran spoke. There were a few tugs, and suddenly Tala’s hands were free.
The first thing she did with them was touch the back of her head, feeling a wet scar and coming away with hands stained in sticky scarlet.
“Are you going to be alright? I’m afraid I am not overtly familiar with human anatomy.”
“Should be, it’s just a little scratch… I hope. What about everyone else, is anyone hurt?”
Looking around, Tala realised that most of the ambassadors from the conference were here with her.
“We’re mostly uninjured on our end, bumps and scrapes, the only exception is… well…”
Tala slowly stood, grateful for Okoran’s support, slowly coming back to her senses.
Slumped in a heap not far from her was a pile of crumpled up rags in a vaguely humanoid shape.
Tala half ran over, going pale. Her mind raced with the possibilities.
Ambassador Saarn lay limp across the floor. She wasn’t moving.
“Is she…”
“She’s alive.”
Okoran plodded up bedside her, in the heavyset way of his race.
“Whatever was in those stun darts really didn’t like her anatomy.”
Tala reached out to touch the contact points she knew to be behind Saarn’s cheekbones, confirming the two spots of dampness that indicated she was still breathing.
If it weren't for the limpness, Tala wouldn’t even be able to tell she was unconscious, like all her race, Saarn’s entire face was obscured by a thin layer of leathery skin. A natural defensive measures evolved from living on a planet with frequent sandstorms.
“God I hope she’s not in a coma.”
Said Tala without thinking.
“...who is god?”
One of the others asked, looking around as if genuinely expecting to find an ambassador with a nametag helpfully identifying himself as ‘Mr God.’
Oh shit.
A type six.
Remember your training...
“Oh would you look at that.”
She plucked the translator module from her ear and gave it a shake.
“Must have been a malfunction, I was trying to call you by name… what did you hear?”
The ambassador who had spoken was a Calth, the same one who had undone her bonds earlier. A lithe race known for physical agility and reflexes… as well as sleeping for sixteen hours a day.
“I thought you said… ‘god?’ I am unfamil-”
“Translator issue, anyway where are we?”
Changing the subject, she examined the room they were in properly for the first time.
It was significantly bigger than she would expect a place for captives to be held to be. Steel walls and airtight armoured doors like you would find in a submarine. Pipes ran up one side, it was colder here than the rest of the hive Tala remembered being carried through.
“It’s… a cistern.”
Saarn’s distinctly not unconscious voice made Tala jump.
“Oh J- oh wow, I thought you were- Saarn you’re OK?”
Saarn didn’t move while speaking, her voice seemed to come from nowhere.
“This is an overflow catchment cistern, one of the hive’s main water supplies is directly above us.”
A slender, twiglike arm tried to raise, to point out some feature of their prison, but Okoran pushed it back down.
“You are hurt ambassador, conserve your strength.”
Tala examined vented ports on the ceiling above them, realising for the first time that they must be for water.
“Are we in danger of being drowned in here Saarn?”
“Not unless there is an issue with the reservoir. This room is for mitigating the damage of a potential flood.”
Saarn explained.
“Alright… now I suppose we have to think on how we’re getting out of here.”
“We have already given this considerable thought, the doors are sealed for obvious reasons, Durthon climbed up to the ceiling and confirmed that the vents are also airtight. There are pressure valves, but they are all in the closed position and they would be too small to move through even if they weren’t. The guards have yet to feed us, they left us with some wholly insufficient medical supplies and little else. They have not revealed their purpose for the kidnapping.”
Tala scratched her chin. If the others hadn’t been able to think of a way out yet, it was unlikely she would. Perhaps she could engage a guard in conversation? But then the ambassadors would no doubt overhear her, she wouldn’t want to drive her contemporaries insane. Even if she hadn’t formed a good working relationship with all of them, it would be a diplomatic disaster for humanity.
She lay down on the metal, struggling to find a comfortable position and examining the bioluminescent algae on the walls.
It was going to be a long day.

Alsalaf left only a few short words with the guards watching over the ambassadors before heading back up to HQ.
The hiver pinned one of the lesser gang members to the wall with a single massive claw and leaned in close, grabbing its attention with deliberate violence.
“Do not. Allow. The human. To speak. To you.”
“I understand gangboss.”
“Do you? It had less than sixty seconds with Tarraf, that was all it took.”
Alsalaf lowered the shaking claw, reigning in its emotions.
“...Sixty seconds. All it took… Another sacrifice… for the machine.”
The guards bobbed their torsos in the hiver equivalent of a nod, speaking in mesmerised unison.
“For the machine…”
"For the machine..."
"All is for the machine..."

I had a few requests to continue this. So here we go.

My wiki
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2021.12.09 01:35 JosephStalin1953 what's he building in there

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2021.12.09 01:35 rayvenrouge84 Onyx watching the birds...one of my favorite photos of him.

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2021.12.09 01:35 bob_lala helicopters tonight?

anyone know why they have been flying grids out over the ocean since at least 4pm? a new one just flew up direct from san diego to join the search
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2021.12.09 01:35 GeorgeYDesign 'Not up to date, complete or accurate' spreadsheets being used to monitor Queensland dam safety, report finds

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2021.12.09 01:35 KimiTheDonut Khaki shirts go well with khaki pants

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2021.12.09 01:35 Ok-Mode3602 I know probably no one cares but i really don’t like the new Mississippi update does anyone know if they will fix the fur types like piebald being uncommon or if they will fix alligators sinking?

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2021.12.09 01:35 WatcherRoue Biden to expand federal fleet of EVs

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2021.12.09 01:35 freshmemesoof most educated guy in the Balkans

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2021.12.09 01:35 snrublehcar Itto or albeto?

I was trying to pull albedo. I was wondering if it’s a good idea to wait and try to pull Itto instead? Is Itto better than albedo?
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2021.12.09 01:35 AnaSTW SoWa Winter Festival or Snowport/Holiday Market in Seaport?

Has anyone been to either? Is there a preference? Looking for something where we can walk around and do a little holiday shopping and then grab food and drinks. Something nice for a daytime outdoor date.
Sorry if wrong tag btw, not sure what would be appropriate.
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2021.12.09 01:35 GeorgeYDesign More than 40 camels disqualified from a beauty pageant over Botox injections

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2021.12.09 01:35 jilljpeterson0001 Nature: Rattlesnakes' sound 'trick' fools human ears

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2021.12.09 01:35 night_thoughts What are your specific finale predictions?

I want to hear everyone's crazy theories on how the finale will play out. Here's mine:

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2021.12.09 01:35 bearhunter429 I just watched the first 4 seasons, while I like the concept, I am not a big fan of the edit. Does edit get better in later seasons?

I like the show, its concept and the contest but I can't seem to get passed the terrible edit of the show (at least for the first 4 seasons I've watched). It's impossible to tell what's going on, who is ahead, who is struggling where from the edit until the very end. They literally switch from one team to another every 7-8 seconds, showing people randomly running around or trying to get a ticket at the airport and rules aren't always explained clearly.
Sometimes they show a team really struggling badly then at the end of the episode you find out they were in top 3 and other times they show a team going through tasks easily but they end up being number 8 or 9. The edit was especially terrible in season 3 where they showed Flo & Zach struggling and constantly falling behind so much that they come to the point of quitting multiple times but they win the whole thing anyways.
My question is, does the edit get better in later seasons where you can actually follow what's going on?
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2021.12.09 01:35 jems_expert How can I get coupons for online shopping?

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2021.12.09 01:35 GeorgeYDesign Future generations of New Zealanders to be banned from ever buying tobacco products

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2021.12.09 01:35 Crusader63 Neat little SM1 video I found today. Final fight gets comic like subtitles.

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2021.12.09 01:35 thunderhead11 The Ukraine Catalyst

Hi everyone I’m so happy to see we’re nearly 1,000 strong here. Anyway I’ve decided to do a regular discussion post! First topic is Ukraine and the potential for a Russian invasion.
Here is a little context: in 2014 Russia backed separatist groups in Crimea and the Donbas leading up to an invasion of Crimea by regular Russian forces. Since then a civil war has continued in the mostly Russian east of the country. Recently Russia has moved several large military formations to their western regions and may be preparing to invade. The US and other states have vowed to respond if Russia does invade.
Some discussion questions: Do you believe Russia is likely to invade? What are the likely consequences of such an invasion? Should NATO accept Ukraine as a preemptive hedge against such an attack? Could this cause a larger regional or global war? Can or should the US and NATO defend Ukraine from a Russian invasion?
Any misinformation, disrespectful argument, or harassment will not be tolerated. Have fun, learn, discuss, and enjoy!
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2021.12.09 01:35 NewZealanders4Love Parliament unanimously passes bill allowing change to birth certificates

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2021.12.09 01:35 NotSiaoOn Record 29 million-dollar HDB flats sold in November; resale prices rise at faster pace

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2021.12.09 01:35 NewbDud [Request] Got any similar lesser known shows on Netflix US?

My homepage recommendation are getting stagnant, and rarely if ever helpful. I've seen a lot of Netflix and am looking for some new shows to check out.
Netflix US only

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2021.12.09 01:35 Patriotsuck Frying pan

Thermals were a disaster with the stock cooler, reaching 97 C even when not gaming.
I got two tower coolers that both didn’t fit off of Amazon.
Any coolers that will fit in my ThermalTake Core V1 case? Under $40 would be preferable.
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