Has a Celebrity Ever Done a Good Deed For You? If So, What and When?

2021.12.09 00:38 MoozesModiMoozi Has a Celebrity Ever Done a Good Deed For You? If So, What and When?

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2021.12.09 00:38 Odogonmc The same day Finch says he wouldn't mind seeing KAT take 15-threes a game, he takes 11 total shots from the floor.

Did something get lost in translation? This was the night Karl could have done some serious damage from deep, especially with Utah putting smaller defenders on him all game long.
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2021.12.09 00:38 teacher9876 Confirming Amazon shipping news

I keep hearing things that Amazon "frequently" charters its own ships. And also that Amazon uses 53ft trailers in the ships. And the article at the link below says Amazon charters "bulk freighters". (I guess the author mean 'bulk carriers" and bulk freighters are those space ships in Star Wars) (https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-making-own-shipping-containers-bypassing-port-delays-2021-12)
I request help to understand and verify these news items. Do we know how many ships Amazon has actually chartered? Do they charter container ships or bulk carriers? Do they actually use the 53ft containers in international shipping?
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2021.12.09 00:38 fishinmymouth ayy my RA1 and RA2 cds arrived! still waiting on RA3, im excited

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2021.12.09 00:38 juicyjuu real life or dreams

i keep having dreams that feel so real i can’t decipher them from reality
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2021.12.09 00:38 JamesTheMarxist "Anarchist" very vigilantly defending Nazis and the US government

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2021.12.09 00:38 jcwins A decepção no olhar

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2021.12.09 00:38 Theguyrandom1 Wondering if printing publications with political affiliation is a good idea?

I am a business guy that's super interested in everything business. 16 years old, two years of real-world work experience, founding a business, a financial nonprofit, and working as a marketer while keeping up with an HS/AA simultaneous educational pathway.
Anywho, I was wondering if putting publications on my resume or Linkedin profile would help or not. It's about economics. However, it could be taken the wrong way since it's advocating for the free markets (which, I was guessing, free-market corperations like?) Anywho, it's about the national debt and the US spending (why it should be reduced) and private charity (why welfare should be reduced). They are both research papers that were published in formal educational institutions.
Advice would be nice.
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2021.12.09 00:38 ilax92 I love B Die

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2021.12.09 00:38 Conscious-Internet-6 I must be a horrible person.

I started a mission (the one before deep vein) where I have to locate 3 radars. I picked up 1 radar and waited for my friends for 5 hours. Then when they got home one of them got mad that I "started the mission without him" and started the exact same mission with our friend and didn't invite me.
I have more time than them (I lost my job) so I made a second character and leveled it up to try out a different talent tree but didn't progress any further in the missions so I wouldn't spoil anything.
I was mining stone in a cave feeling like complete poop...
I walked back to the wooden house I made during the 5 hours I waited for my friends(yes, it was nice), to find it destroyed by lightning. I had 3 lightning rods around it.
If anyone out there has some positive vibes I could use them right now.
Also, I've been friends with the guy who flipped his lid for 17+ years; and he always gets upset about people progressing farther than him.
I think the best decision I can make is to just never play any game with him that has a leveling system again to retain the friendship, but would appreciate your advice, redditors.
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2021.12.09 00:38 chroniclerofblarney Gary Payton II Nickname, Continued

I’m not claiming this as my own. I thought I heard this on a broadcast yesterday. It kind of hits the “Peyt” part of the surname and evokes the “repeat”, “3-peat” , etc. Thoughts?
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2021.12.09 00:38 JeremiahHR Winter Express Best Game Mode

Winter Express Best Game Mode Wraith was AFK the entire time, teammate and I farmed. Unfortunately got disconnected from an internal game logic error after jumping from the ship, but teammate continued to pop off.
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2021.12.09 00:38 RKDaa Jolyne Fanart by Me

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2021.12.09 00:38 Megashape The 7 Billion Dollar Question: “Where is the money coming from?”

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2021.12.09 00:38 Throwaway451451212 Women of reddit, straight up honestly what's your favorite sex posotion and why?

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2021.12.09 00:38 redraccoon223 Ok, so I kinda jumped on the RHOBH boat a bit late, but I have to say…

So far LVP is an actual legend, bless her soul. She’s probably the only Housewife I look forward to watching. She’s genuinely so funny and so mature!!!
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2021.12.09 00:38 1DrGoNzO1 My family aboard the ISS.

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2021.12.09 00:38 GlideOutside Fund manager who brags about her 13% CAGR trashes our TSLA yolos

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2021.12.09 00:38 Vintage_Stapler Catch & Release 1988 John Wright Southwestern Muffin Pan

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2021.12.09 00:38 BlazingHotFireFox Jack Dorsey talks Bitcoin

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2021.12.09 00:38 westjackie [Amazon US] SGILE RC Dinosaur Robot Toy, Smart Programmable Interactive Walk Sing Dance for Kids Gift - 40% OFF ($35.99) with code: 20PQNQ6G | Ends: 12/11 23:59:59 PST

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2021.12.09 00:38 solusist why do you all ask so many questions?

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2021.12.09 00:38 skippymcgee07 d*ng🤬🤬🤬

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2021.12.09 00:38 SheBuena20 [Thank You] (Late) WK 49: u/on1oman1ac, u/ninajyang, u/ribeyecut, u/Pernicious_Enigma & u/ChocolateLaowai

I'm really sorry for posting a super late Thank You Post :( Life just got in the way. But here I am & show my appreciation to you all who sent me your amazing card & postcards <3
u/on1oman1ac (x2) : Thank you so much for the cute Corgi & No Face postcards! & your handwriting is super neat, small & cute. I love it xD Thank you for sharing & letting me know about what's going on with you there. Hope things are getting better & well prepare for your studies in another country. Sending you lots of love & support :) & thank you for the sweet birthday wishes :) & don't worry if it's late, better late than never :) Maraming Salamat! Hope you have a good one at ingat lagi! <3
u/ninajyang : Thank you for the beautiful Charleston postcard! Glad to hear you had a great time there! More happy travels to come :) Hope you have a good one, take care & stay safe!
u/ribeyecut : Thank you for the sweet & lovely family Christmas card! & it's super unique as well :) Thank you for sharing me about your Christmas memories. I would love to get a live tree as well. But here in Hong Kong, I don't think we got that kind of tree. I always hear that the smell of the live tree is amazing, I would really love to smell one. Here in Hong Kong mostly we do family gathering go eat outside or home (especially now) & enjoy some wonderful Christmas decoration lights outside malls & buildings, & do lots of gift shopping as well :) Wishes you & your loved ones Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year as well! Hope you have good one, take care & stay safe!
u/Pernicious_Enigma : Thank you for the amazing Van Gogh postcard! Here in Hong Kong things are going great & better. Hope you are stay safe as well! Have you visited Hong Kong before? Hope you have a good one, stay safe & healthy too <3
u/ChocolateLaowai : Thank you for the vintage style postcard! I am so glad that you liked the Shibu card <3 Hope you have a good one, take care & stay safe! :)
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2021.12.09 00:38 AcerateLlama My 7week old puppy has parvo

This is blu. A 7week old blue pit. I recently got him from a breeder around my area about a week ago. I had his vet appointment scheduled for all his first round of shots today. Last night I took him to the vet because he just wasn’t himself, sure enough he has parvo. This was my biggest fear before getting a dog. I didn’t let him socialize of even go around where other dogs had been, he just got it from eating the grass. I have him at home and around the clock give him antibiotics, nausea/vomiting meds, GI tract healing foods, 50ml IV daily, tarmaflu, and a lot of love. After talking to a lot of vets and reading both studies on inpatient and outpatient treatment and recovery plans, I’m gonna continue to treat him at home. I want to see what other have done in the past with there parvo puppies or if there is anything else I should take into account during treatment. My biggest fear is losing my little guy before I truly get to know him. Any advice or support would be appreciated.
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