What kinda person do I strike you as?

2021.12.04 18:56 External-Musician267 What kinda person do I strike you as?

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2021.12.04 18:56 fIoatie My awesome pawn stars fanfiction.

Hello fellow pawnstarheads, i am a big pawnstarhead and a huge fan of pawn stars. I have been watching this show since it came out. But recently i have been working on a pawn stars fanfiction that i think you all will like. Here it is. Its really good.
Pawn stars sex: The rise and downfall of rick harrison is a sexy story about rick harrison getting penis enlargement pills, killing his wife, having sex with the first lady, starting a terrorist group, and nuking america.
Chapter 1, The Beginnings
Rick harrison says "Man i wish i had a big wiener." His son corey says "Me too dad." Rick harrison says "Well corey lets open up the pawn shop." Corey says "Alright." Then a cool looking guy with twirly looking moustache and tall top hat says "Hello i am Tim and i'd like to sell you an item." Rick says "Whats the item." Tim says "Wiener enlargment pills!! Theyre real." Rick says "Holy Crap!! How much?" Tim says "2 grand." Rick says "Deal." Old Man Harrison says "Rick You absolute idiot. Thats a bad deal. Hes lying." Rick says "With a big wiener, I could do anything." Old Man Harrison says "No you couldnt." Rick says "I will prove you wrong!!!" Rick does paperwork with tim to buy the pills. Rick consumes the pills. Old Man Harrison says "Wheres your big wiener now?" Rick says "Oh it didnt work. NOOOOO!!!" But it did work rick just needed patience. Next morning he has a foot long wiener!! Rick wakes up running to the pawn shop in a panic and takes one of the guns from the shop and goes home and kills his wife. Ricks wife says "What are you doing with the gun? Help! Help! Ahhh!" Rick says "Die!!!!" Rick shoots his wife 5 times. She is dead. Rick says "Now I can bang any girl i want now that youre dead. Mwahahaha." He goes to washington dc to seduce jill biden first lady of the usa at the white house. Rick talks to himself "Hahaha Joe biden im gonna bang your wife because i hate your political opinions!!!"
Chapter 2, The search for rick
Meanwhile at the pawn shop, corey, old man harrison and chumlee are confused as to why Rick is missing. He has never missed a day of work ever. Corey says "Wheres rick." Chumlee says "I dont know corey." Old man harrison says "Hes never late, never!" Corey says "Lets go to his house."
They go to ricks house. They see the dead body of ricks wife. Corey screams "Mom!!!! Nooo!! Who did this??" Old man harrison has the ultimate revelation. "Rick has killed his wife so he can bang any girl he wants. The wiener pills must have worked over night!" Chumlee says "Wiener pills?" Old man harrison explains the wiener pills to the guys. Corey is still upset about his mothers death. Corey yells "I am going to kill rick!!!"
Chapter 3, Rick has sex
Rick has sex with jill biden in the white house. Rick says "My wiener is very Long!!!" Jill biden says "Yes indeed." Joe biden walks in on them and says "Ahhhh!!! What are you doing!!! This cant be real!!!" Rick says "Yes it is real. This is for raising taxes!!! I hate taxes!!!!!" Joe biden cries "Why my sweet jill, why would you cheat on me. Why, why why, I do not understand, i have always treated with you with respect and love." Jill says "His wiener is a foot long." Joe biden is surprised "Wow really? I didnt even know that was possible." Joe shoots his wife to death then he leaves the white house. He proposes a bill to make a TORTURE legal!!! He will torture Rick harrison for banging his wife. Joe laughs "My plan is brilliant, mwahahahaha."
Chapter 4, The bill passes
Joe biden gets his bill turned into a law. Torture is now legal. Joe biden spends the government funds on an extreme torture chamber. The pain from the chamber is Very Painful!!! So painful you'd wish you were never born, so painful you'd hate your parents for birthing you!! Joe biden is on tv and he says "Hello americans, torture is legal now." Corey is watching the tv at home alone. He says "Awesome. Joe biden is my lord and savior. I will go meet up with him and ask him to torture my dad." So he does. Corey says "Hi joe can you torture my dad. He killed my mom." Joe biden says "Sure whos your dad." Corey says "Rick harrison." Joe biden says "Funny. That man is the reason i made this law." Rick harrison is hiding behind a apple tree. He overhears the conversation. Rick whispers to himself "Oh yeah? You wanna torture me? Thats it!! Im making a Terrorist group called the Terrorble Terrorists!!! You will all die. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaa."
Chapter 5, Terror rises
In the siberian desert there is a terrorble terrorist group forming. There is so terrorble you cant even imagine the terrorble things they would do. The terrorble leader is Rick harrison who now calls himself "The Dark Overlord" The dark overlord found a bunch of guys to join his terrorist group. They are in a cave. The dark overlord says "Hello my friends. We all hate america, dont we?" The terrorists says "Yes." Rick harrison says "Then lets Nuke em!!!!" The terrorists have kidnapped scientists who are forced to make an atomic nuke strong enough to nuke a whole state. If they dont comply, the scientists family gets their heads ripped off. And the scientist is forced to eat the heads. And then he is forced to poop it out wearing a diaper that is superglued to them so they cant take it off!! These terrorists are so terrorble. After many days, the nukes are ready. The dark overlord says something evil in latin. Mwahahahahhaha. They will launch them very soon.
Chapter 6, Coreys evil bloody rampage
Corey is so upset his mother died, he grabs a knife and says "I am going to kill every bald man because they remind me of my father who is also bald." Corey kills so many bald men, not just the bald but even the balding. And even babies. Corey has descended into madness. Corey is so evil now. He is being hunted by the police.
The policeman chief gerald higgins is not enjoying coreys ideas of killing people especially babies. Gerald higgins says "Who would kill a baby? What a monster. I will kill this man or die trying!!!"
Chapter 7, The message
On tv, there is a video playing. "This is the dark overlord. You will all die in ten days. Were the terrorble terrorists. Mwahahahahahahahahhaha." Chumlee says "I know that laugh!!" Chumlee goes to the pawn shop and talks to Old man harrison. Chumlee says "Old man!! I was watching tv and we are going to be nuked by rick harrison in ten days!!!" Old man harrison says "Stop doing drugs." Chumlee says "You gotta believe me!!" After a while, the old man believes chumlee. Old man harrison says "I cannot believe it. My son is going to nuke our country in ten days!!"
Chapter 8, Corey vs higgins the showdown
Gerald higgins the police chief sees the message on tv. "Damn it, i only have ten days to kill this baby killer." Gerald spends 3 days searching for clues as to who the baby killer is and where he is. Then he gives up. And watches pawn stars. Then he sees corey on tv. Gerald gasps "This is the man. The man who fits the description of the baby and bald person killer!!" He finds out coreys address and breaks the door open.
Corey says "Higgins, i have been expecting you." Joe biden says "Me too." Higgins says "Mr president, what a wonderful honor to meet you!" Joe biden says "Eat my rocket." He grabs a rocket launcher and shoots Gerald higgins. But higgins is saved. A noble man grabs him quickly and throws him away from the rocket. This noble man is Old man harrison. Old man harrison says "Corey my grandson, you baby killing bastard. Why!?" Corey says "Rick is why!" Old man harrison says "You are no better than your father, the man who is killing us all in seven days!!!" Joe biden says "You mean rick is the terrorist who is going to kill us all?" Old man harrison says "Yes, we need to stop him." Joe biden says "Obviously but we have no idea where these terrorists are located. We will all die in seven days because we cant find them" Old man harrison says "No we wont, we got higgins. The smartest detective ever." Higgins gets up from the floor and says "Damn right i am. Hello richard, its been how long?" Old man harrison says "Its been 20 years, pal. Nice to see you." Higgins says "You too. And anyways i will find the dark overlord." Joe biden says "Great finally we are saved!" Higgins says "We? Its not you. Its me. And old man harrison. And not the baby killer either!" Higgins shoots joe biden and corey they are dead.
Chapter 9, The battle of the desert
Its one day until america gets nuked. Higgins finally cracked the clues and found out where rick and the terrorble terrorists are located. Higgins says "Yes!!" He calls old man harrison. They are going to fly to the siberian desert. Old man harrison says "We will never make it on time!! He will nuke america before we reach him!!" Higgins says "Believe in me, mr harrison, you gotta believe." Old man harrison says "Alright, i believe in you."
They reach the desert with 2 hours until america is nuked. Most americans have left the country. But the poor people are gonna die. They find the cave. The dark overlord says "What have we here?" Old man harrison says "It is me your father, rick. Your actions have killed your son, they turned him into a Baby and bald person killer!!!! And now hes dead!!!" The dark overlord says "Rick is not my name anymore. I am the dark overlord." Old man harrison says "Rick. You bastard!!" Old man harrison sheathes his sword and duels The dark overlord. The dark overlord gets his leg chopped off. "Ahhhh my leg, owwwie!!!" Old man harrison and gerald higgins kill the rest of the terrorble terrorists. He and higgins destroy the nukes, and frees the scientists.
Chapter 10, the Aftermath
Old man harrison is the new president of AMERICA!!! Gerald is the new vice president of AMERICA!!! They have put rick in a torture chamber. His balls get stabbed a lot. Its very painful. Rick says "Oww!! Stop help it hurts!" Old man harrison says "You did this to yourself, son, you should've known better than to bang the first lady and start a terrorist group." The end. The lesson of the story is not to bang the first lady and start a terrorist group and devise a plan to nuke america and wait a long time to nuke them.
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2021.12.04 18:56 PickleChickens How to help my sad cats?

I have two cats and a daughter in college out of state. One is more attached to my daughter and one more attached to me. They both were sad and stressed when she went away to school. They became very clingy - followed me all over my house constantly and wanting to be in physical contact with me all the time. I did my best to give them what they asked for and to spend more time intentionally giving them attention each day. My daughter is now home on break and things are back to normal - they don't follow either of us around so much and just seem much happier. I've noticed that even when my daughter is out for a whole day and I'm home alone with them, they don't follow me around like they did when she was at school. This makes me think that they were actually still missing her the whole three months that she was gone - like they didn't ever get used to it. She will be leaving again in January and will be gone for six months this time and I'm wondering how I can make it easier on them. I keep her bedroom door open and she left out some unwashed clothes for them. One of them likes to make piles of her clothes in other parts of the house when she's not home and will sleep on the pile, so I let him do that. Is there anything else I can do over these long six months that might help them?
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2021.12.04 18:56 Rathciel [FOR HIRE] Recent commissions i did. Commission open, more info in the comment!

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2021.12.04 18:56 vegasbm IPOB To Orji Kalu: If Nnamdi Kanu Is Harmed, You Will Be Held Responsible

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2021.12.04 18:56 waffletheaccountant Is there a trading subreddit?

I'm looking for the cosmosis goal explosion, but wasn't sure if there is a trading subreddit specifically for this? Thanks.
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2021.12.04 18:56 MrngDvLuv Saw this (very excellent) Miata while driving my Miata! Philadelphia,PA

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2021.12.04 18:56 Energace How to wind up rude bloke?

To put it simply, this man is a bully, verbally abuses members of staff including me and has 0 respect for our facilities. Despite this, management still haven’t taken action against him despite being aware.
I personally work at the front desk where people must sign in and out. I don’t want to be outright rude to him, just wind him up a little bit. Has anyone got any ideas?
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2021.12.04 18:56 smolratboi LF: Wheat Fields, Storefronts, & more / FT: Various Items, DIY's, Negotiable

Anyone able to assist with getting a bunch of items for an island redesign? Looking for the stuff below, and willing to negotiate a trade.
• storefronts • castle walls, gates, towers • tree starts • cypress plants • wheat fields (pale green, or gold) • spooky fencing (item or DIY, but prefer DIY) • western stone x6 OR stones • Garden Rocks (all kinds) OR stones • chic wedding candle set x 3 • mossy garden wall • DIY's - wooden box - garden bench
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2021.12.04 18:56 medhanieW_ The UN is failing its Tigrayan peacekeeping troops

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2021.12.04 18:56 wjfox2009 China plans major reforestation effort

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2021.12.04 18:56 Russianvioli Nut in nuttela

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2021.12.04 18:56 shgavman Search for Stephen Cunningham

Search for Stephen Cunningham Hello again all. The search for Stephen Cunningham is still ongoing. There's nice weather forecast tomorrow. If anyone is planning any walking or hiking in Connemara tomorrow, you may be able to assist with the family's search.
Stephen was last seen in Galway on the 6th Nov. His car was found on a small road on the 7th Nov, 4 km east of Maam Cross (see map link below). We don't know where he has gone from here and both an Garda and his family are continuing to search.
We have had the kind assistance from drone operators, diving clubs, a helicopter owner, rescue dog handlers, and many volunteers on foot. The Civil Defence, the Coast Guard, An Garda and members of the army are involved. However, the area being searched is very large so any assistance you can offer (walking, flying a drone, boating, dog walking) might help find Stephen. Peacock's Hotel is the base for the family's search group on weekends. You should find some people there around 09:30 tomorrow. However, you don't have to check in with them and you can begin searching as you see fit.
We want to track everywhere that has been searched. The best way to do this is with Strava/Fitbit/Runkeeper. Anything that lets you export your GPS tracked path. You can email me any searching you do and I will log it. The google map showing all logged searches can be found here. The green paths have been searched. The red paths are other paths or trails we would like to search. Each path has a unique reference number label. Clicking on a path will give the length in metres. Some of these paths have been developed from aerial imagery and OSI maps so not all will be passable. Some of the longer, upland routes are from AllTrails. Don't feel obliged to search the red paths. If you can go off-road please do so as you see fit.
If you are planning to search, please do so with a second person for your safety.
A photo of Stephen with what he may have been wearing is below.
Lastly, this search may be ongoing for some time. If you can't help tomorrow, you may be walking or hiking in the area through DecembeJanuary. Please keep us in mind, track your paths and forward them to us.
Thanks for any help. Contact me in the comments or by DM.
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2021.12.04 18:56 Phonds How to use Nvidia gpu?

Hey guys, i recently switched to Linux on my laptop and i was wondering how to make the system recognize my Nvidia gpu?
When i look at the info section it States that the graphics are: Mesa Intel® UHD graphics 620 (KBL GT2)
Thanks in advance for the support :D.
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2021.12.04 18:56 Calderb1234 what a beautiful game

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2021.12.04 18:56 getreferral NEXO Referral : Get $25 in BTC when you deposit $100 and hold it for 30 days

The Nexo Exchange makes buying and selling crypto and fiat fast, simple, and secure. Swap your crypto instantly, with unlimited transactions and 100+ crypto and fiat pairs.
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2021.12.04 18:56 PhantomDragon64 Literally 20 seconds into my run (switch).

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2021.12.04 18:56 may6e11e how much is a stored ker worth?

i might trade one and im wondering how much it goes for.
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2021.12.04 18:56 downloaderfan Recently switched from RStudio to PyCharm and my testing process has become incredibly slow and inefficient

Hi All, I recently switched from a data analyst role to a data engineering role. Previously I used to work with RStudio, now I make applications using PyCharm. I've been facing 1 big problem since I made the switch. My testing process of the code has become incredible slow and inefficient, due to the limitations of debugging in PyCharm. Previously, let's say I have a code of 1000 lines and I have to add & call a function in the 750th line & it takes 10 minutes for the code to execute until the 750th line is reached & I come across 3 different errors before I get the function right. In Rstudio, I could just run the code until the 750th line(No OOPs & stuff) in 10 minutes & then I can easily run individual lines of the function, look at the values in variable explorer & make changes accordingly. Even if I come across an error, I can easily go back & re-modify the code with all the variables intact. But in case of PyCharm debugging, there are 2 limitations:
1) Cannot go back, if I come across an error I have to rerun the code and wait till I reach just before that particular line which caused an error so I can explore with the different variables & code to understand what caused the error.
2) Cannot modify the code of the application once the debugging process has started, with the changes being reflected in the same debugging session so I can modify code and test it without restarting the debugging.
Restarting & re-running really slows me down, as in my previous example, it takes 10 minutes to reach the line of code, so re-running it 3 times means 20 minutes wasted. Is there any better way or even a better tool/IDE to test code? I'm open to all options.
I've tried my best to explain, but let me know if you need any more clarifications.
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2021.12.04 18:56 ogDOC7 Tis the season!

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2021.12.04 18:56 Mobile_Ad_5102 My first diamond perfect!

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2021.12.04 18:56 EmperorScorpio0678 R Button Fix

On my right joy-con the r button doesnt work as well and it barely registers my button presses as an input. Would cleaning the area of the r button with isopropyl alchohol help or damage the controller?
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2021.12.04 18:56 No_Manner5334 Gendersprache in MacOS Monterey

Hallo Leute, seit dem Monterey Update findet man in den Systemeinstellungen nun anstatt "Benutzer & Gruppen", "Benutzer:Innen & Gruppen". Es ist ein Unding das so ein Gigant wie Apple politische Wünsche ausgehend von einer Minderheit in ihr Betriebssystem einbauen. Ein Betriebssystem sollte doch politisch neutral sein. Also hier meine Frage an euch: Gibt es ein Terminal Befehl, womit ich Einstellungen umbenennen kann?
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2021.12.04 18:56 Granny_sniffer_ Anyone got 10 mil to trade i got mad dupes dm if so

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2021.12.04 18:56 JustA_Penguin The (WIP) main menu for my modpack

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