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[ALL] Just finished life is strange true colors

2021.12.04 20:26 Sunzzplays [ALL] Just finished life is strange true colors

What a game! I loved the first life is strange but i never really got into any of the others. Just finished true colors and yup, another masterpiece and of course the soundtrack is awesome. Anyone else just feel lost now theyve finished it?
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2021.12.04 20:26 SnooRecipes8155 NRA? Pro gun control. SRA? pro gun control. Socialists? Communists. Republicans? Not increasingly fascist. Libtards? Owned 😎

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2021.12.04 20:26 rizzdabizzle Let's do this!

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2021.12.04 20:26 nygfan1226 Dealer REQUIRING me to buy an extended warranty in order to purchase a used car?

Had a pretty god awful experience at a local dealership. Went twice previously to look at the car before even sitting down to discuss pricing. I was informed right off the bat the internet price is correct, and it was a very fair price. Salesmen then decided to bring his manager into the mix. I told them I’d be paying 70%+ cash and financing the remaining. The manager then informed me that since this car was a ____ certified preowned car, I would be REQUIRED to buy a $4,000 extended warranty. I told them that’s garbage, I’m not in the market for a shitty warranty and that I only wanted to pay for the car, tax, fees and that’s it. Manager left, came back and asked me if I’d be willing to put less than 40% down and asked if I would lengthen the life of the loan. Of course I said no. The manger then told me he could sell me the warranty for $2,000 at which point I got up and left. Is this even legal to do as a dealership? I’ve never heard of warranties being required for the sale of a used car.
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2021.12.04 20:26 Successful-Cat-4729 You can re-use old sprues by melting them into warp lightning. CC welcome. (Please do this in a well ventilated area with water at the ready)

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2021.12.04 20:26 BakaFame [LF] Dobie [FT] Bells, NMTs

I have 1 millions bells and 20 NMTs. All that’s left after getting all my other villagers!
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2021.12.04 20:26 Thelogicalwizard VR MMORPG idea for a dnd chrono trigger-like game involving magic, psionics and ki

Please let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your feedback. ^^ This is an updated idea I ad.
I do like the idea of VR and I feel a lot of it is not utilized as well as it could be and there's not too many VR MMORPG games. I would like one that is twice the size of Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall
It would involve multiple classes and subclasses to choose but also involve multiclassing similar to how DND works. Obviously they won't get made since it would involve other franchises and I don't have money anyway. But it's fun to mess around with. xD
Multiple cities from different realms and planets are involved, and it would involve going through one demi plane after another, in multiple cities and regions. It would also involve different planes of existence. I have info on a story I was coming up with, which involves a spawn of Lavos from Chrono Trigger being the main antagonist. More details can be found here.
Whenever someone comes up spell mechanics, it will involves the press of a button, but I feel that if this is VR it should be a little more involved. In DND, there's verbal, somatic and material spells. Some spells would involve pressing a button but I think some should involve verbal components, where you have to pronounce it correctly through your mic. Somatic spells would involve moving your hands in a certain way and when training, it would show you the directions on how to move your hands while casting. Material spells would just cost certain things in order for it to be cast.
Your whole body can be used, including your feet. Psionics would involve concentration. Like if you were an Earthbender or Fire Bender of some kind, in order to concentrate, you would need to keep something together. Such as keeping a force field around the fire so it stays together and it won't disappear. Ki attacks would involve timing. Such as if you are charging up for a ki attack like a Kamehameha or if you are about to hit someone using your ki, you would press the button at the right time to do maximum damage
I would feel that this would set apart other games, because it seems like no matter what powers you have, it still involves just pressing a button, but it doesn't FEEL different, when it should, as magic is not the same as psionics or ki or anything. I would also have mounted combat if you are on a walking machine, horse, ect. I feel like there's not enough direct mounted combat. Sort of like in Chrono Trigger, you can also combine some spells and moves to create different effects. A wall of water and a wall of fire can make a wall of steam for example.
I also am not a fan of the Fog of War on maps. You know, when you have a map and it doesn't show the actual city until your close to it. But what sense does that make? The map is already charted and if it involves multiple factions and races dealing with each other, wouldn't you have a map that shows the city? It'd be like if I had a map of California and L.A. doesn't appear on the map until I get close to it. xD The only time that something may be uncharted is if you are in a certain realm or in a dungeon, but there could still be a way to know where you are going if you get the right map by someone
I feel that in MMORPGs people are locked in a grid sort of and it doesn't involve talking to people much, like in old Final Fantasy games. There were no people that had exclamation marks on their heads or glowed a certain color. You talked to people and I feel that it should not be saved for you in your journal. Rather you would take your own notes if you know someone has a quest. And your location in a quest shouldn't be labeled. If it is, it feels like you are going along a grid. It's convenient but it takes the fun out of exploring and possibly getting lost or maybe ending up with another quest. If you get lost you have no one to blame but yourself. Basically there would be no hand holding but it wouldn't be unfair.
As far as death goes, like in certain games, you should lose everything. And I mean everything except for quest related items or soulbound items and/or creatures. That way, it would make the bank more useful so that way you would only take what you need. You can have armor and weapons bound to your soul so you won't lose it. You do have a chance to recover, but nothing will stop players from obtaining your gold or items so take what you need. Death should be kind of severe otherwise you wouldn't care how many times you died. There could also be a delivery service that can deliver food or items. Kind of like in the Earthbound game with the Mach Pizza or the Escargo Express, where you pay a fee to have items delivered to you so you don't have to run to the storage or bank and you can have items taken away from you so you won't be so encumbered.
If you are in the major cities, it is considered "neutral ground" Meaning you do NOT start a fight or try to steal stuff, because the guards will come after you and kick your ass most likely. No one starts a fight with anyone if they want to live or not be seriously fined, as depending on your crime, you may get fined for it or they may take you down. This way, it will give players a chance to be safe from high leveled players who are more experienced and just want to kill low levels for the fun of it.
Lastly I would like if it the world changed as you played. Like in Everquest as certain events may take place because the developer wanted to have the world go through a cataclysm or your town was overrun but a certain faction. That way, the game would feel more real. So you wouldn't wait for an expansion for things to change, it would change as you played it. I would like it if you could construct your own houses, boats, or airships as well. Basically combine the creativity of Minecraft, with the Elder Scrolls action/rpg mechanics and with the intensity of Unreal Tournament, so grinding won't be a chore and it would only have a level 20 cap, but if you need practice, you would fight enemies and it would be more fun since every move you make can affect the outcome of the fight. And it would be in VR. That would be my idea of a perfect VR MMORPG.
It would involve multiple races, some of which have sub-races as well. These are the ones I had in mind.
Elf- Wood Elf, High Elf, Dark Elf Night Elf, Nightborne, Blood Elf, Void Elf
Gnome- Deep Gnome, Rock Gnome, Forest Gnome
Dwarf- Mountain Dwarf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Hill Dwarf
Dragonborn- Draconblood, Ravenite
Forsaken (Undead)
Half Orc
Troll - Jungle Troll, Zandalari Troll
Shifter- Beasthide, Longtooth, Swiftstride, Wildhunt
Genasi- Earth Genasi, Fire Genasi, Water Genasi, Air Genasi
Half Elf
Aasimar - Protector Aasimar, Scourge, Aasimar
Simic Hybrid
Tiefling - Bloodlines: Mammon, Zariel, Asmodeus, Mephistopheles, Baalzebul, Dispater, Fierna, Glasya, Levistus
Halfling - Lightfoot, Stout, Ghostwise
Mousefolk - Mousling, Ratling
Frogfolk -Pondfolk, Sunfolk, Broadfolk, Junglefolk, Treefolk

Here are the classes/sucblasses I would use, which are from DnD, both canon and homebrew. I would allow multiclassing as well, but you can choose no more than 3. If you have questions about them, please let me know and I can tell you what they are and how they would be involved. ^^

• Alchemist
• Armorer
• Artillerist
• Battle Smith
• Pyrotechnician
• Rune Smith
• Herbologist
• Necroficer
• Ghostbuster
• Biomancer


• Path of the Ancestral Guardian
• Path of the Battlerager
• Path of the Beast
• Path of the Berserker
• Path of the Storm Herald
• Path of the Totem Warrior
• Path of Wild Magic
• Path of the Zealot
• Path of the Warlord
• Path of the Woods Warden


• College of Creation
• College of Eloquence
• College of Glamour
• College of Lore
• College of Spirits
• College of Swords
• College of Valor
• College of Whispers
• College of Satire
• College of Visual Arts
• College of Beast Charming
• College of Mimicry
• College of Dance
• College of Journeys

• Order of the Ghostslayer
• Order of the Lycan
• Order of the Mutant
• Order of the Profane Soul


• Arcana Domain
• Death Domain
• Forge Domain
• Grave Domain
• Knowledge Domain
• Life Domain
• Light Domain
• Nature Domain
• Order Domain
• Peace Domain
• Tempest Domain
• Trickery Domain
• Twilight Domain
• War Domain
• Truth Domain
• Earth Domain
• Time Domain
• Luck Domain
• Winter Domain
• Hunting Domain
• Chaos Domain
• Desire Domain

• Circle of Dreams
• Circle of the Land
• Circle of the Moon
• Circle of the Shepherd
• Circle of Spores
• Circle of Stars
• Circle of Wildfire
• Circle of Protection
• Circle of Storms


• Arcane Archer
• Banneret
• Battle Master
• Cavalier
• Champion
• Echo Knight
• Eldritch Knight
• Psi Warrior
• Rune Knight
• Samurai
• Fey Knight
• Templar
• Gunslinger
• Legionnaire
• Dragoon
• Dimensional Warrior

• Guardian
• Sentinel
• Consular

• Way of Mercy
• Way of the Astral Self
• Way of the Drunken Master
• Way of the Four Elements
• Way of the Kensei
• Way of the Long Death
• Way of the Open Hand
• Way of Shadow
• Way of the Sun Soul
• Way of the Ascendant Dragon
• Way of the Prismatic Warrior
• Way of the Spiritualist
• Way of the White Lotus
• Way of the World Tree
• Way of the Weave
• Way of the Companion

• Oath of the Ancients
• Oath of Conquest
• Oath of the Crown
• Oath of Devotion
• Oath of Glory
• Oath of Redemption
• Oath of Vengeance
• Oath of the Watchers
• Oathbreaker
• Oath of the Criminal
• Oath of the Umbra
• Oath of the Open Sea
• Oath of the Vigil
• Oath of Rebellion
• Oath of Time
• Oath of the Hunt

• Beast Master Conclave
• Fey Wanderer
• Gloom Stalker Conclave
• Horizon Walker Conclave
• Hunter Conclave
• Monster Slayer Conclave
• Swarmkeeper
• Drakewarden
• Peacekeeper
• Plague Warden

• Arcane Trickster
• Assassin
• Inquisitive
• Mastermind
• Phantom
• Scout
• Soulknife
• Swashbuckler
• Thief
• Magpie
• Huckster
• Quick Foot
• Mist Weaver
• Shadow Weaver
• Ninja
• Trapsmith

• Aberrant Mind
• Clockwork Soul
• Draconic Bloodline
• Divine Soul
• Shadow Magic
• Storm Sorcery
• Wild Magic
• Blood Magic
• Devil's Soul
• Feyblood
• Royal Blood
• Pyromancer

• Archfey
• Celestial
• Fathomless
• Fiend
• The Genie
• Great Old One
• Hexblade
• Undead
• Dragon
• Grimroire
• Siren
• Trickster
• Poltergeist
• Titan
• Crimson Lord
• Constellation
• Pumpkin King
• Ancestor


• School of Abjuration
• School of Bladesinging
• Chronurgy Magic
• School of Conjuration
• School of Divination
• School of Enchantment
• School of Evocation
• Graviturgy Magic
• School of Illusion
• School of Necromancy
• Order of Scribes
• School of Transmutation
• War Magic
• School of Hemomancy
• Red Magic
• White Magic
• Blue Magic
• Black Magic
• School of Technomancy
• Nature Magic
• Order of Magicians


• The Idol
• The Conduit
• The Speed Demon
• The Titan
• The Vigilante

• Avatar
• Awakened
• The Immortal
• Nomad
• Soul Blade
• Wu Jen

• Black Witch
• White Witch


• Physician
• Politician
• Tactician


• Totem of Elements
• Totem of Spirits

Death Knight

• Order of Dark Cavaliers
• Order of Unholy Death
• Order of the Ebony Blade

Pokemon Trainer

• Ace Trainer
• Breeder
• Researcher


• Supernatural
• Superstar
• Hardcore Brawler
• Luchador
• The Manager
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2021.12.04 20:26 United-Carob9713 Join the OF LEAK WORLD Discord Server!

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2021.12.04 20:26 dwooding1 Sophisticated. Understated. Refined. And then I ruin it with a 12' inflatable Bumble because I'm 8 years old.

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2021.12.04 20:26 DMessor Messor [Semi-vanilla]{1.18}

IP: messor.minecraft.best
24/7 Minecraft Server running on Spigot.
New server that has been recently launched, we will be looking for moderators to help with running the server - more info later.
We have plugins installed to claim areas on the world which keeps everything claimed safe, grief preventions and rollbacks, permissions etc.
Come join the server! We're hoping to evolve this into something big.
Also join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/GCePMbjtVA
Feedback is appreciated!
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2021.12.04 20:26 Evening_Elk_6284 Machos que já gozaram pra Jessica, a mocinha com cara de puta Evangélica, se quiser dar leite grosso pra ela ou colocar o pau na cara dela, me manda mensagem que envio as fotos!

Machos que já gozaram pra Jessica, a mocinha com cara de puta Evangélica, se quiser dar leite grosso pra ela ou colocar o pau na cara dela, me manda mensagem que envio as fotos! submitted by Evening_Elk_6284 to tributosbrasil [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 20:26 Alarming_Excuse_4848 Win a $200 Sephora Gift Card from Laci Kaye Booth {US} ends {01/18/2022}

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2021.12.04 20:26 Tele_Prompter The Flaming Ember - Westbound # 9

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2021.12.04 20:26 amnesiac7 J.D. Vance’s Investment Firm Got Canceled—by the State of Delaware

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2021.12.04 20:26 Dooleyisntcool Best southern characters to learn from?

I got an idea for a character that’s kinda the lovable chubby southern type, it’s not a character that takes themselves to seriously(literally came up with it while listening to red solo cup). Who would be the best wrestlers to look at? Obviously theres Steven Austin and James Storm but i know this is a somewhat common archetype so who else may be worth learning from?
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2021.12.04 20:26 Chelf1 Dwayne Johnson has officially joined Fortnite as The Foundation

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2021.12.04 20:26 zapjj I don't want to be ashamed of myself anymore

My whole life, I've been embarrassed of myself. It's hard to even explain the depth of the embarrassment. I've always tried to be who other people wanted me to be. It stems from childhood trauma and wanting to feel loved and accepted, and not wanting people to cause me more pain.
I've always been really passive, and timid, with high anxiety. Anything that made me feel different, I tried to change about myself, even if it didn't make sense or make me happy. In 6th grade, someone commented on how I had nice skin and how they were breaking out. When I got home, I looked up how to give myself acne and tried to do it.
It's always been hard for me to be around other people. When I couldn't handle the anxiety of being at school anymore at 13, and decided to be homeschooled, I started figuring out who I was as a person. I liked metalcore, I liked cartoons, I felt like a boy.
I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. I tried to make it go away. When I finally told my parents, it did no go well. I basically hid in my room for 3 1/2 years because I didn't want the kids from school to see me and find out.
I was mostly stealth with my online friends because I didn't want them to know either. Thinking they'd find out made me really anxious. Being in public was the worst, though. I was afraid everyone would know or just think I was weird. I didn't know what boys talked about with each other, or what they would say in general, or do, or how they'd stand.
Things were worse at home, and I felt so alone, and even more ashamed of myself, I eventually couldn't do it anymore. I went to my senior year of high school presenting as a girl. A lot of bad things have happened since then. Things that kept me from ever wanting to try and come out again.
I'm 22 now and I'm tired of doing this. I still feel so anxious and ashamed. I logically don't care what other people think, but I have never been able to shake the feeling of extreme embarrassment. Even with therapy and meds. Even telling myself positive things and trying to push through.
I feel like if I was taller, I'd come out. Or if I could be on T for a while first, I'd come out. Or if I knew I'd be attractive. In reality, I just want to know I'll be accepted. I need to accept myself, though. I've wasted so much of my life being so afraid and I don't know how to stop. I want to stop.
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2021.12.04 20:26 mcogre_13 Living Among Relationships

So I live in a dorm where everyone is in a romantic relationship and I'm reminded of it everyday. This quarter, I've felt a constant loneliness because I'm the only one who doesn't have someone at all times or to sleep with at night. I feel like I might be being pressured into being a relationship (which I've never been in before) especially when they ask me about it together. Is there some way to cope with this? I have periods where I feel very left out or that I'm missing out. This is by no means an attack on those around me, it's more of an internalized issue.
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2021.12.04 20:26 zialls The mods seek your feedback!

Hey everyone!
We’ve noticed the sub grow a lot lately in terms of subscribers and posts. That’s amazing! But we figured it was time to check in with y’all, see what works and doesn’t, and ways we can improve.
We created a short survey and we’d love to hear from you. The survey is anonymous unless you choose to disclose, so please give your honest feedback!
You can find the survey here
Thanks everyone! ❤️
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2021.12.04 20:26 AthenaPallas Sophia Loren (1963)

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2021.12.04 20:26 jookco Death - Dead - Obituary - Accident : Body found 41 years ago in Texas finally identified as missing Stillwater teen | MPR News Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.04 20:26 Saminvestss 🍑-I8 G1RLS V1DEOS🍑

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2021.12.04 20:26 Many-Branch1424 Zekrom raid 4817 7590 0736 taking ten .

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2021.12.04 20:26 curiouscoderspace Trying to identify live/load, ground, and neutral wires to install smart switches

First electrical DIY project and a bit stumped. Looks like the unused white wires are the neutral wires.
I was expecting to find green/copper ground wires but I don't see them.
And one wire connects both switches - looks like that's one of the live/load wires.
But I am unsure what the other two wires on each switch are.
Here are pictures and a video - https://imgur.com/a/FPnwRTn
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2021.12.04 20:26 s2z2download New YouTube channel!! iSPY episode - first time reaction!!

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