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Lu Mingfei bought new underwear on the vending machine and walked through the long corridor to the bathroom. The corridor was quiet, his steps were light and relaxed.
He was thinking about what Nono just said, if Caesar ever saw that video, they would probably be dead, somehow they felt like living together and dying together.
Just like when he and Nono drove to see the top of the mountain in the first grade, he hoped that the winding road would never end, and the car would always run in the night breeze. If life is also a winding mountain road, he only hopes that Nono will be on this road as well, she doesn’t even need to be with him, he can look at her from the back.
Now that I am completely reborn, I still have such a bad mentality! While thinking about this, he was also a little angry at himself, but when he thought of sitting side by side with Nono just now, so close as if he could feel the temperature on her body, he still felt peaceful and joyful for no reason.
At the end of the corridor was a window, and he opened it to breathe some fresh air.
Unexpectedly, when the window was opened, it was bright. A few blocks in front, a bright pillar seemed to penetrate the sky. Outside the window is the Tokyo Sky Tree, the tallest building in Tokyo is located in Sumida District.
Lu Mingfei was stunned. After staying in this Internet cafe for several days, he had never opened this window, and never expected the Tokyo Sky Tree to be so close to him.
The little bit of warmth that had just risen in his heart was gone, and Lu Mingfei stared at the Tokyo Sky Tree blankly, not long ago, he had been there with another girl with dark red hair…
The sound of car horns came downstairs, the Japanese were very afraid of disturbing others, few people on the street honked their horns so arrogantly. Lu Mingfei looked down, a man in a black windbreaker and sunglasses was leaning on the big red sports car, spitting out the cigarette butt in his mouth, and raised his hand to greet him.
Lu Mingfei's pupils contracted slightly, every muscle and nerve were silently taut, and the whole figure looked like a hard bow pulled apart. The person downstairs is Crow, Chisei Gen's assistant for many years, he heard that Crow is now a big figure among the Orochi families. The person Lu Mingfei wanted to see most when he came to Tokyo was Crow, but he didn't dare to call. If only one friend was left in the eight houses, it would be Crow.
He hadn't found Crow yet, Crow found him first.
"Long time no see, let's talk?" Crow slowly opened his shirt, "I didn't bring a weapon, not even a nail clipper.”
Lu Mingfei was silent for a long time and nodded. Crow did not come alone, although the whole street looked empty.
Fifteen minutes ago, while Nono and Zihang were still recording, the big red sports car stopped at the door of this Internet cafe. Crow didn't get out of the car, but lit a cigarette.
The owner of the Internet cafe walked out, bowed deeply to Crow, did not say anything, turned to the end of the side street, following him were all the waiters in the shop.
At that takoyaki shop that was open until four in the morning, the owner was still cooking takoyaki in full swing, and suddenly he narrowed his smile, bowed to Crow and turned off the electric stove. The waiter and the guests who were eating just now followed him and walked to the end of the small street.
Izakayas, convenience stores, pachinko shops... These shops that do night business have stopped their business without hesitation. Within a few minutes, the whole street was emptied, and only the store signs were still flashing. Vague and melodious old songs came from the stores.
The men in black windbreakers entered the arena, and when the hem of the clothes was blown up by the wind, the ukiyo-e styled linings were revealed. They efficiently and silently occupied a favorable position near the Internet cafe, hiding in the shadows, with long swords in their hands shining with a cold light.
Crow finished smoking his cigarette and finished the arrangement, he nodded, expressing satisfaction, this is the new Execution Bureau. The team he brought out by himself is not inferior to the bureau that Chisei Gen once led.
After a while, Crow appeared in front of Lu Mingfei. In a long corridor, two people are looking at each other. Nono stood behind Lu Mingfei, leaning against the wall, holding a submachine gun in her hand, Zihang was awakened, and he was hiding in the private room, pulling the sliding door open so he could peep.
During the time Crow went upstairs, they had seen all the private rooms around them, they were all empty. No wonder they rarely saw other customers, the entire Internet cafe was a trapping net, and the hunters have been patiently waiting outside.
"Is this the friend you are talking about?" Nono's tone was teasing.
Crow looked at Nono earnestly and bowed slightly, "Saeki Ryuji, the current Acting Director of the Execution Bureau of Japan, once fought side by side with Lu Mingfei."
When he turned to look at Mingfei, his attitude was not so good, "You actually came to meet me with a knife."
Lu Mingfei was holding a short arc knife in his hand. Although he did not assume an aggressive posture, his attitude was obvious.
"You have arranged at least fifty people near this building. They are all elites of the Japanese Execution Bureau, you are of the White Queen’s blood. I dare not take you lightly." Lu Mingfei paused for a moment when he said this, listened carefully, and looked up. , It seems that the gaze can penetrate the roof, "Oh there is a helicopter, I think you have a sniper on the helicopter, right? There are not many tall buildings nearby, and the sniper does not have a good position, it just wants to create dead ends for me.”
His hearing is not as good as Caesar’s when he deploys the “Kamaitachi", but if he listens calmly, he can grasp movement within a 500-meter radius. It was too quiet, except for the sound of the wind, which came from directly above the building, apparently from the rotor of a helicopter.
"You weren't that good before." Crow nodded, "That's right, this time the newly formed Crane Group of the Execution Bureau has been dispatched, and it has included a lot of ruthless characters from the original Oni, and now you are a real S-Rank. Now, if we want to catch you, we have to play twelve points.”
"So we are no longer friends?" Lu Mingfei asked in a low voice.
Although it was obvious, he still wanted an answer.
"Are you asking you and me, or you and the Orochi families?" Crow asked back.
Lu Mingfei frowned, somewhat puzzled by this question.
“You and Yamata no Orochi, of course not. The Yamata no Orochi is a branch of the Secret Party, you are the enemy of the Secret Party. Naturally, you are the enemy of the Yamata no Orochi as well. But of course you and I are friends, so I led the team that was sent to arrest you”.
“Is this the righteousness of the Japanese? You used to be his brother, now you have betrayed him and he has to kill you himself, because he can't bear to let others kill you." Nono said.
This is a delay for her, and the negotiation has collapsed by now, but she can't draw her sword yet, she hastily thought about how to get out.
Crow sighed, "Miss Chen, Lu Mingfei and I are not really that type of brothers.”
Nono was stunned, and Lu Mingfei was stunned, and the two looked at each other suspiciously.
"Wait, wait, Your plan is too complicated," Nono said, "If you want to let us go and quietly inform us of the danger, we would leave early. There is no need to send people to surround us like this.”
Crow sighed again, "You don't understand politics.”
"What does this have to do with politics? My understanding of politics is not very good." Lu Mingfei was even more confused.
"The relationship between the family and the college is like the relationship between two countries. If the family protects you, there will be a serious confrontation with the college. Today, the Yamata no Orochi family is no longer able to fight the secret party. So when we knew that you arrived in Tokyo, we only had two options, one is to send someone to catch you, and the other is to notify the college.” Crow said as he approached.
Lu Mingfei was still on high alert, He still found it difficult to trust Crow, but he knew the strength of Crow very well.
Crow stopped in front of them and lit a cigarette. "The family can't even come to inform you secretly, because there may also be a college's spy in the family. If the news get leaked, it will damage the relationship between the family and the college. The patriarch managing the whole Japanese underworld is a politician in the dark, and her status as a politician will never allow her to sacrifice the interests of the Yamata no Orochi for the sake of friendship.
So she left this tricky thing to me, and I, as the director of the executive bureau, will come for you and catch you, I can't neglect my duty, so I will put a net around this Internet cafe. But our priority is not to kill you but to bring you back to Cassel College, so I came in as an old acquaintance to negotiate with you.”
"But the most unexpected thing happened!" said Crow, “I need to borrow your hand and use it.”
Crow grabbed Lu Mingfei's hand and put his knife in his throat, then turned around and leaned against Lu Mingfei's arms, "You are a fierce fugitive, not only did you not get persuaded by me, but you suddenly caught me... How can the street hooligans oppose you? This is a natural thing.”
Lu Mingfei looked at Nono with an awkward expression.
"Wait a minute," Crow called to a halt that ended the show. "That's not good enough. I don't look like I've been beaten up.”
"Then should I... Beat you up for real?" Lu Mingfei felt the same way.
Crow hesitated for a moment, then turned to look at Nono, "The play is really going to be enough, but I heard that you are very good now, so i’d rather have the lady punch me instead."
Nono nodded, squatted slightly, accumulating energy all over, suddenly went forward, a set of fierce punches were blasted at Crow. When he stood up again, it really looked like he was captured after a hard fight.
"Thank you for sparing my teeth, they were very expensive." Crow wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. "Okay, that's it, are all departments ready? We have to nail this, we can't do it again.”
Lu Mingfei and Nono glanced at each other, and both nodded. Zihang had already came out of the side room and quickly nodded.
Crow once again grabbed Lu Mingfei's hand and locked himself in his throat, and then turned around and leaned against Lu Mingfei's arms. This set of movements was so familiar to him, it was almost like a duet dance that he had rehearsed countless times.
"No! No! Don't do this, Jun Lu! You still have a chance! This will ruin your chance to escape! Ah!" Crow wailed loudly and twisted in Lu Mingfei's arms.
Lu Mingfei never thought that Crow was such a good actor, his chance at an acting career was surely limited by the underworld.
After a while, Crow drove his own sports car on the highway outside Tokyo with the three robbers who kidnapped him. Except for Zihang, they all drank beer, Nono said that he was not suitable for drinking at the age of fifteen and gave him a yogurt.
"Crow, you really seem to be very valuable. When I held you hostage, they really didn't dare to attack." Lu Mingfei recalled that when they came out of the Internet cafe, the commissioners of the Crane Team had nervous eyes.
Crow also added extra drama, shouting to leave them alone! Shoot! Sniper! Where is the sniper? Shoot! I will kill you bastards! Have you forgotten what I told you? Shoot, bastards!
Of course, the Crane group finally gave up. They put down their weapons and followed Lu Mingfei's orders, getting into a windowless room, where they were locked by Nono.
"Anyway? What status am I now? Look at my clothes designed by Issey Miyake." Crow shook his suit and patted the steering wheel again. "Look at my antique sports car again! You are witnessing power." Don’t call me crow anymore, call me by my name, Saeki Ryuji!"
In the mountains on the outskirts of Tokyo, old buildings are shrouded in drizzle.
The young man in the priest costume led the way, guiding Lu Mingfei and his party through the wooden corridor, Crow was the last one to enter, dangling a cigarette in his hand.
This building looks very old, the stone jizang in the corner is covered with moss, but every corner is so delicate, even the lamp in front of the Buddha. Lu Mingfei's taste for antiques is very limited, but he can also tell from the patterns that the glazed lanterns are antiquities.
The priest stopped in the corner, lit the kerosene lamp on the wall, and opened a very hidden door. Behind the door was a simple and exquisite Japanese-style cottage with only a few pieces of furniture, but not surprisingly, they are all things that can be regarded as antiques.
"You live here." Crow took the key from the priest and threw it to Lu Mingfei. "If you need anything, tell the priest and don't go out.”
"This is a shrine?" Lu Mingfei asked.
"White Feather Tengu Shrine," said Crow, "it has actually been the cemetery of the eight Orochi families for many generations. A shrine was built outside and some priests were raised here."
"Why do we live in a shrine?" Nono asked.
"Do you still want to live in my house without staying at the shrine?" Crow opened the closet, took out the mat, and threw it on the tatami.
"We live in the shrine of the Yamata no Orochi, surrounded by priests from the Yamata no Orochi. How could the families not know about this?" Lu Mingfei asked.
"The family business and the shrine are two completely different systems. The priests serve the ghosts and gods, and even the patriarch can't give them orders. The former patriarch had a good relationship with the chief of the priests, so they will help me instead."
"Is it safe here?" Nono checked the windows and every corner of the room.
"There is absolutely no safe place, but it is safer than others." Crow said, "There is no mobile phone signal here, the only tool for communicating with the outside world is a fixed phone. When the former family patriarch was alive, he came here when he was in a bad mood. No one in the family could find him.”
Lu Mingfei nodded. It turned out that this was the mud pit where Lonesome George used to hide. It must be quite isolated. When he didn't want to pay attention to this world, he would come here and the world would never disturb him.
"You’re not about to tell me that you only prepared one room for us, are you?" Nono looked at Crow.
"How can a winky person like me do such a stupid thing?" Crow smiled like a thief. "Their room is next door. There is a door in the middle that communicates them. Of course, it can only be opened from your side."
Nono finished her own inspection, stopped in the middle of the room, looked at Lu Mingfei, "Then what are you waiting for?"
"Okay, let's go, let's go now, Senior Sister, take a rest early." Lu Mingfei pulled up Zihang and left.
"Zihang lives with me, and you live next door by yourself." Nono said in an indisputable tone.
"He... is a man just like me." Lu Mingfei pointed at Zihang and then at himself.
"First of all, he is not a man but a boy, and his mental age is only fifteen years old," Nono hooked her finger at Zihang. "Secondly, his current mental state is still very unstable, and I will keep an eye on him better than you.”
Before Lu Mingfei had time to speak, Zihang had already teleported next to Nono. He looked at Lu Mingfei from behind her shoulder, obviously he was still a little scared of him.
When he just woke up, Lu Mingfei was in a frenzied form, presumably this scene was still deeply scarred in Zihang's mind.
Crow went up and patted Lu Mingfei on the shoulder, and left the house with the helpless man.
It was quiet at night, and the rain was still falling.
The shrine’s house is quite old, and the soundproofing is not very good. You anyone who speaks loudly next door.
"The shampoo and shower gel are in the wooden bucket next to the tub."
"I put your clothes at the door for you.”
"Are you an otter, staying in the bathroom for so long?"
"Dry your hair before going to sleep. Didn't your mother teach you that you’d catch a cold if you don't dry your hair right after a shower?"
Half an hour ago, he could still hear Nono yelling at Zihang, but now it was completely quiet, and Zihang and Nono were already asleep.
Zihang and Nono were asleep...Why are these words so strange? Lu Mingfei muttered to himself.
With the patter of the rain, Lu Mingfei sat down at the small table in front of the window, tore open a bag of potato chips, and drank beer with the potato chips.
Outside the window is a small garden, and the withered chrysanthemums only have black dead branches, like clumps of ghost claws raised in the rain.
Suddenly, as if a gust of wind came, the candlelight shook and lit up again. Now there was someone else with Lu Mingfei, and he ate potato chips with him.
“This place feels like a haunted house when you appear like this." Lu Mingfei said.
“Haunting? I’m just a loyal ghost, brother.” Lu Mingze smiled thiefly.
"Why didn't I die? Aren’t your subordinates letting me go?" Lu Mingfei asked.
"The last transaction was not completed. I did save your senior sister, but failed to kill Odin." Lu Mingze sighed, "The most important thing for us businessmen is to have some credit. If the job is not done, how can we ask for payment? What about our customers receiving compensation?”
"He's next door now, why don't you go and kill him?"
"Because he is not Odin, but Odin's stand-in." The little devil shrugged, "Didn't you guess that yourself?"
"Who is the real Odin?"
"One of the most noble dragon kings, Odin is his name in human mythology. A dragon king can have many names and many forms, I think you guessed it.”
"Then what are you? Another Dragon king? If the dragon is the source of all the mysterious powers in the world, then the only one who can kill the Dragon king is another Dragon king, right?"
"You actually want to ask if you are a Dragon king yourself, right?"
Lu Mingfei was silent for a moment and nodded slightly.
"Trust me, brother, you are not." The little devil patted Lu Mingfei on the shoulder.
"Are you serious?" Lu Mingfei wanted to pretend to be calm, but the surprise couldn't be suppressed.
"You are a Coyote!" The little devil smiled, his nose wrinkled, like a cute child.
"But you are not a human being, you are a monster, a weird monster." The little devil said again.
Lu Mingfei was taken aback for a moment and smiled. It is obvious that he is a monster.
The little devil suddenly looked at the door, "I thought you looked so lonely, so I wanted to have a long chat with you. The girl you like is next door, but she sleeps with another man. Anyone would sympathize!”
"Get out!" Lu Mingfei was on the edge.
“As a matter of fact, I do have to get out, someone is coming." The little devil said, "Before I leave, remember this, don't trust that Crow guy.”
The candlelight flickered again, there was still residue of potato chips on the table, but the little devil was gone.
Lu Mingfei squeezed the short arc knife hidden in the sleeve of the kimono and went to open the door. Crow was standing outside, he looked like he had taken a bath and changed his clothes. The wounds on his face were all taped up.
”You haven't left?" Lu Mingfei asked.
Crow sent him to the house and left, Lu Mingfei thought he had left the shrine and returned to Tokyo.
"No, there is a hot spring behind the mountain. After soaking in the past, I rarely come here to relax." Crow said, “I came to see if you were asleep.”
"Not yet, probably because I was too nervous before, and I couldn't fall asleep when I relaxed," Lu Mingfei said.
"If you can't sleep, it's better to go out and play," Crow said. “Let’s go to Tokyo, visit some old friends, what do you say?”
Kabukichō is colorful at night, and the rain curtain makes the neon lights look extraordinarily radiant. Sure enough, it was like revisiting an old place. Walking on this street, everything feels familiar, especially the bronze sculpture in the middle of the street.
Lu Mingfei and Crow are both wearing yukatas and sunglasses, there are too many underworlds in Kabukicho, and celebrities like Crow must never show their faces. Of course, Lu Mingfei can’t eat his meal and look up at the same time to see the statue.
"When I went back to my previous high school, they made a sculpture of me and placed it at the entrance of the school." Lu Mingfei sighed, "but it's not as exposed as this."
It was a sculpture of a child peeing, imitating the one in Brussels, except that the face looked like Lu Mingfei.
"You really recognized yourself at a glance. That's right, this is the man behind the legend in Kabukicho, Takamagahara's top entertainer, Sakura. The sculptor represented you as a child. Now this is one of Kabukichō’s main attractions, it is said that touching the statue in a certain place will attract peach blossoms.”
“You don’t need to go into detail!" Lu Mingfei interrupted quickly.
“Don’t get the wrong idea," said Crow, “I meant the buttocks. Legend has it that Xiao Sakura has a perfect butt.”
"It was built by the store manager's donation?" Lu Mingfei sighed.
"Yes, now Takamagahara is the hottest nightclub in Kabukicho. Mr. Humpback Whale has been re-elected as the chairman of the Women's Care Promotion Association this year. There are rumors that he still wants to run for councillors.”
"It's great, the store manager has always wanted to be the top man."
Behind the sculpture is the white building with Roman-style columns and brass-clad gates. The roof is carved with golden angels blowing horns. Dozens of scarlet flags hang from the roof to the ground.
"Mr. Humpback Whale refurbished Takamagahara, and it was more magnificent than it was back then." Crow said.
Lu Mingfei nodded, this bold and dry design style, this is the shop worthy of being owned by Humpback Whale, that man would definitely spend money wherever he could. Anyway, he said that this store would be operated for a lifetime, and it would give those women who are emotionally unreliable a place to get drunk with ease.
"I can't recognize it anymore," Lu Mingfei said.
"The surrounding area was also bought by Mr. Humpback Whale. He built a square. When the weather is clear, he will let the orchestra perform in the square.”
At this moment, a black Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of Takamagahara, and an elegant lady in a dress pushed the door and got out of the car.
Accompanying her is a well-dressed middle-aged man, who seems to be the kind of successful person who is well-educated, works in a large company, and has financial freedom. He held the lady's forearm considerately to help her through the inconvenience of walking in high heels on the slippery road.
The waiter rushed to the lady and opened the umbrella, the doorman immediately opened the carved brass door. When the door opened, the unrestrained bass exploded, "Ladies! Welcome to the mortal paradise... Takamagahara! Tonight the flowers bloom for you!”
Lu Mingfei was stunned for a moment, then suddenly smiled.
Although he had lost an arm, he was still so arrogant. That elegant lady, Lu Mingfei, also knew her, he forgot her last name, he vaguely remembered that her name was Sanae, and she was an architect by profession. She always came to drink at that time, and as someone who drank too much, she always hummed every song and shed her fair share of tears.
It seems that Sanae has found a man who will take care of her, so there is no need to seek comfort in places like Takamagahara, but she still patronizes, she must be a nostalgic woman.
The music sounded and the orchestra began to play. It was a lingering love song, and the brass-clad door was closed behind Sanae.
"Let's go." Lu Mingfei said.
"Do you really don’t want to go in and say hello?" Crow raised an eyebrow.
"No need," Lu Mingfei smiled, "I don't want to trouble him."
In fact, for a moment, he wanted to walk in, not only to walk in, but also to embrace the one-armed man, tell him that he came back to see him, and tell him that he was as good as he was before. It was when the music sounded, that familiar song, Koji Tamaki’s "Friends", is now probably a repertoire of Takamagahara.
But reason tells Lu Mingfei that he can't go, Takamagahara is no longer a place where he can hide. Now it is the throne of all the nightclubs on Kabukicho Ichiban Street, but it can't shelter him, this dangerous monster.
I really miss that time, Tokyo in the rainy night, they had nowhere to go, but unexpectedly found such a shelter and a warm bath. Now he has a deadly blade hidden in his sleeve. From China to Mongolia, he abruptly killed his way here, but he couldn't go in and say hello to him.
"If you won't go to see the store manager, we can just go see other friends." Crow said softly, "Anyway, there is someone else, you would not be able to trouble her, even if you tried.”
The engineering elevator descended rumblingly, and it was pitch black below, and a milky white mist surged in the darkness.
"Put on a mask." Crow handed a prepared mask to Lu Mingfei. "There is a large amount of mercury in the well. With your blood, this mercury vapor shouldn't hurt you much, but it's always bad to smoke too much. .”
Lu Mingfei nodded, took the mask, but did not wear it.
"After that incident, the family bought the well from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and closed it permanently, and we bought all the surrounding mountains." Crow said, "so that no one will disturb her. “
Lu Mingfei raised his head, it was raining heavily, as if water from all over the world was flowing into this huge water well.
The Red Well, he finally came back here.
He once thought that he would not have the courage to come back, although he had stood in this well in his dreams and watched the scene repeat itself. When Crow talked about it, he knew he would be here, but he got into Crow's car without saying anything. The two drove on the mountain road for a full hour without speaking.
The engineering elevator reached the bottom of the shaft, and it was pitch black, and Crow fumbled to find the power switch. A dazzling spotlight was illuminated from above, and deep grooves were carved on the ground. The deep grooves formed huge and complex patterns, and mercury was flowing in the deep grooves.
There is a similar arrangement in the ice cellar of the Kassel College for a certain kind of alchemy matrix. The flow of mercury stimulates a certain spiritual effect and suppresses those alchemy products that have their own vitality.
"These guys are getting lazier and lazier, and they don't tidy up, so much rubbish." Crow said angrily.
There is indeed a lot of rubbish at the bottom of the well, mostly branches, which may have been washed in by the rain. Crow kicked away a few dead branches to lead the way.
The bottom of the well was so big that the spotlights could not illuminate all of it, Crow led Lu Mingfei into the darkness, there was something shimmering in the darkness.
Crow fumbled again and found a console, he glanced at Lu Mingfei and turned on the power on the console, the gleaming thing in the dark lit up, it was a huge column made of quartz glass, like a cylindrical house.
Inside the quartz glass house, there is a white porcelain girl sitting on her knees. Without any signs of decay, she was still wearing the dress that Lu Mingfei put on her, but there were circles of paper ropes on her body, and symbols of the gods written in cinnabar hung on the paper ropes.
The end of the paper rope is fixed on the inner wall of the quartz cylinder, which is a certain Shinto ritual used to suppress demons or ghosts.
"She should have been buried in the cemetery of the shrine, but who knows what she is? Wouldn't it be troublesome if she was resuscitated? It was better to bury her in this well full of mercury vapor, five kilometers away from the city. There is a lookout on the mountain, I look at it with a binoculars 24 hours a day, but it doesn't matter." Crow muttered, lit the incense stick he had brought, and bowed to the porcelain-white girl.
"But she has no signs of recovery at all, I don't know why I’m a little disappointed." Crow said softly and handed the incense stick to Lu Mingfei. It’s okay to cry, there’s only you and me in here, no one will witness the shame of the Student Union’s chairman.”
Lu Mingfei waved his hand, saying that he didn't need to. He stepped forward slowly, very lightly, as if the girl was just asleep, and he didn't want to wake her up, he walked forward, and Crow walked back, seemingly not wanting to disturb him.
The dazzling spotlight went out, and Crow's eyes gleamed in the dark. Every time he took a step back, his eyes brightened.
That is the look in the hunter's eyes!
More than a dozen dark red lights lit up, it was the laser sight of a sniper rifle. The dense spots of light gathered in the back of Lu Mingfei. The hands of the gunner were very stable, and the spots of light only swayed slightly, the walls of this well are covered with scaffolding, and those dark shooters hide on the scaffolding, aiming condescendingly, and there will never be dead ends after they shot their rounds.
Crow stopped, slowly raised his right hand, and raised a finger. When it finally comes to the net, hunting a beast requires this kind of patience, you can't be anxious, and you can't make a single mistake.
He started out as a gangster, and the gangster has his own way of killing people, there is no need to brandish weapons, roar and charge like his old friend Yasha. The gangsters only need an inch of a blade to kill, they hug the enemy with a smile, and use the dagger hidden in the sleeve to give the opponent a heart attack.
Sixteen most rigorously trained snipers, sixteen anti-material sniper rifles, loaded with powerful 20mm bullets, strong enough to penetrate infantry armored vehicles. These weapons were distributed 48 hours ago. Crow and the snipers drank strong alcohol and broke the glass.
At this moment, as long as Crow moves his finger slightly, Lu Mingfei will turn into a cloud of blood. But Lu Mingfei turned around slowly and looked at Crow, he can see the dense red dots on his chest as long as he lowers his head, but he just looks at Crow quietly.
Crow felt cold all over his blood, and the fingers that could be easily moved seemed to be holding a tens of thousands of kilograms of weight. He didn't understand when and how he showed his feet. Since the prey could see through him, why should he follow him into the trap honestly. He was also not sure whether the 20mm bullets would still work if the opponent was already prepared, after all, no one in this world could assert the limit of this monster.
But Lu Mingfei just glanced at him, then turned back, and continued to walk towards the quartz glass hut, still walking so slowly and lightly. He laid on the glass and looked inside.
There was no mourning, no tears, the boy just laid on the thick quartz glass wall, quietly looking at the dry, porcelain-white girl. Sadness filled every corner of the deep well. It was so soft but heavy, like water, slowly submerging people.
Crow suddenly felt that it was really cold this summer, and he waved his hand wearily, and all the laser aiming points went out at the same moment. He walked to the edge of the wall, squatted there, lit a cigarette, looked up at the sky, and billions of raindrops fell from there.
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2021.12.09 00:32 RandomNiceGuy [Spoiler:+6.0] An Easter Egg for those of us who remember that Time Flows Like a River...

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2021.12.09 00:32 Leeds13 Look close to se silky black-my tripawed

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2021.12.09 00:32 dongoodjr Common sense much?

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2021.12.09 00:32 65mustangsandy [WTB] m4 style flash hider

Hey guys, just was wondering if anyone is selling an m4 style flash hider.
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2021.12.09 00:32 notnotavirginnot My university's online platform using English words for days and months

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2021.12.09 00:32 Soupnoop4 Second-degree burn I got this morning

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2021.12.09 00:32 Creepy-Vermicelli666 chaosxcode

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2021.12.09 00:32 saphenous_the_great [WTS] Price drop! I am once again asking you to buy my KKM Glock barrel (MI)

KKM barrel
Fits gen 1-4 1/2x28 threads 416R stainless steel
~1000 round count, all brass, minimal wear, nitride black finish
Outstanding barrel big accuracy upgrade from stock
Why pay $280 and wait 18 weeks when you can buy this barrel today!
KKM barrel
Price is shipped G&S fee included
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2021.12.09 00:32 chococo8323 Accepting another offer after enrolment

If I enrol now and choose my units for next year, can I withdraw and accept another offer? Would they still offer my first preference even if I enrolled in another degree?
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2021.12.09 00:32 hernia1713 dads on sofas

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2021.12.09 00:32 RushRadar Review: Is it Worth it? Review: Is it Worth it?
#videoeditor #videoediting #contentcreators #contentcreation #YouTuber #youtubeshorts #youtubegaming #youtubechannel #streamer #Streamers #StreamerCommunity #streamergirl
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2021.12.09 00:32 GHOST_GENTLEMAN Sócio Torcedor

Boa noite pessoal, saudações tricolores!
Gostaria de me tornar ST. Estou em dúvida nos dois primeiros planos, Vermelho e Branco. Gostaria de informações de quem tem algum dos planos pra poder decidir qual adquiro.
Muito obrigado desde já!!
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2021.12.09 00:32 Notmyaccountte19 Singing loli for your enjoyment

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2021.12.09 00:32 VeteranKamikaze Anyone else have their level reset?

I was playing today and noticed I went from Level 180 to 0 out of nowhere. Second level up I got I realized brought me to level 2. Anyone else encountered this? Any way to get back to my previous level?
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2021.12.09 00:32 stormy001 After backlash , ministry says Thaipusam SOP not approved yet

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2021.12.09 00:32 Predatorboi Which offer do I take for my normal axolotl?

A: 5 mythic eggs
B: Snow leopard
C: Koala and a ride mammoth
D: A fossil egg and an ocean egg
View Poll
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2021.12.09 00:32 DMBFFF What would you rather have?

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2021.12.09 00:32 im_trying_to_get_it I was just adding air to my pressure washer tire; be careful out there.

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2021.12.09 00:32 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Australian fertility rate hits record low in 2020 ¦ Sky News Australia

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2021.12.09 00:32 Theomorphick Reshiram Starting - 5863 9848 6537

Trying to add 10. Accept quickly.
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