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Finish your food!

2021.10.26 08:43 SinoBot Finish your food!

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2021.10.26 08:43 DoveWallet Changes to Privacy Policy (effective on 1st November)

Dear Dove Wallet users,
The updated Privacy policy will be effective as of 1st November 2021 like below.

Thank you.
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2021.10.26 08:43 Coffee_24_7 Printing fixed point type

I'm working with fixed point values from http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg14/www/docs/n1169.pdf, compiling with clang (version 12.0.0).
When I try to print any of the variables that has these fixed point types GDB doesn't know how to print them.
For example I have the following line in my code:

signed short _Accum threshold = 0.5hk; 
Which is a 16bits type, where 1 bits for sign, 8 bits for the integer part and 7 bits for the fractional part, i.e. [SIIIIIII|IFFFFFFF] (S = sign, I = integer, F = fractional).
I get the following when debugging:
(gdb) info locals threshold threshold = short _Accum (gdb) ptype threshold 'threshold' has unknown type; cast it to its declared type (gdb) p threshold 'threshold' has unknown type; cast it to its declared type (gdb) x/hx &threshold 0x3fff526: 0x0040 (gdb) p (short int)threshold / 128.0 $1 = 0.5 
I know I can define a function like:
define pfp16 if $argc == 0 printf "%d\n", $argc echo Not enough arguments\n else print (short int)$arg0/128.0 end end document pfp16 print fixed point, 16b (signed short _Accum) end 
But that doesn't help when I have these values on structs, unions, etc. As I would have to define a function for everything.
Is there a way that I can let GDB know how to print/understand these types?
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2021.10.26 08:43 Vaultvigilante H: AA2525 and VE25 fixer W: Q2525 fixer or legacy. Thanks

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2021.10.26 08:43 BCScalingScout1 EOS Art by Byron

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2021.10.26 08:43 Parlala69 As always. Congrats on the jump. You deserve it. Now HODL. Buy more. HODL again. 💎💎💎

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2021.10.26 08:43 WoafLiber9100 Clothing

Mtf(17) I haven't really shopped around yet for womans clothing due to me not knowing the sizing of shirts or pants could someone help. In jeans I'm a 36/30 and in shirts I typically like a longer shirt because it's just my style unless it's made to he short but I'm a size L-xl to XXL for the bigger fits
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2021.10.26 08:43 FactorioTeam Version 1.1.43


Bugfixes Modding Scripting Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.
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2021.10.26 08:43 TigrisPrime Can Orcust Harp Horror come off the banlist ?

Recently got interested in Orcust and don't see the reason why Harp is banned. Was it part of a splashable engine in a lot of decks ? Can it come off the banlist even at 1 ?
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2021.10.26 08:43 ThrowAway237s Joe E. Lee – A Brand New Sunset (Music used in "Payback" series of German creator "Mii Mii)

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2021.10.26 08:43 fusuy99 aptal eski sevgilim(acil yardım)

ben kızdan ayrıldım 1 buçuk ay oldu sonra ben nakil aldırmak zorunda kaldım, aynı sınıfa düştük ilk haftalar arkadaşça yaklaştık birbirimize sonra bu kudurmaya başladı takıldığım kızlara gidip konuşmayin onunla falan diyormuş derste falan sürekli sikicem belasını sürekli her yaptığım hataya kuduruyor ve asla takmıyorum duymazdan geliyorum sürekli laf atıyor falan bilgisayar dersi var mesela bana geliyor sıra ben yapicagim zaman bi arkadaş kopya veriyor mesela kıza diyor ki söyleme söyleme o çok iyi yapar ya en iyisi o ya falan diyor harbi aşırı sinirleniyorum anasını sikicem orospu çocuğunun yardim edin tassaklarinizi kuvvet
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2021.10.26 08:43 Gistforts WCIF Separate Shirt for this

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2021.10.26 08:43 smartybrome 2021 Certificate TOGAF 9.2 Arquitectura Empresarial Preg.

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2021.10.26 08:43 leonardo-vinci Japan’s Princess Mako loses royal status by marrying a commoner

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2021.10.26 08:43 bogolisk Tracking the FDA advisory panel meeting on Covid-19 vaccines for kids

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2021.10.26 08:43 ConnectDaDot YungeenAce on King Von

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2021.10.26 08:43 Impossible-Show3537 ShinobiDoge launched yesterday | 8% Automated DOGE rewards | Website – Stickerpack – Promo videos and active dev team!

ShinobiDoge had a rocky launch but it’s mooning right now! We just broke all time high as marketing starts to reach out! The community is super friendly and the promo material looks is premium!
Every 60 minutes the contract auto redistributes DOGECOIN ($DOGE) to all holders. You can also trigger the reward by selling 1 ShinobiDoge to get your DOGECOIN reward instantly!
The Token:
ShinobiDoge has a total circulation of 1 billion tokens! Come and get your cut!
A max wallet of 3% is implemented. This prevents bigger whales from form but gives buyers the chance to obtain a healthy amount of the total supply! So fancy!
10% fees. Of every transaction 8% features $DOGE redistribution to our holders. These are automated or can be triggered by selling 1 ShinobiDoge. We’ve seen some awesome printscreen of people just getting out their initial and even profiting just from holding.
Next to that there is a 2% marketing fee. We’ve already launched some reddit boosting.
Our telegram is slowly growing into an awesome community, of friendly investors and dedicated holders. Be sure to check it out and join the hype!
The website looks lit and really fits the Shinobi Theme well! Sticker packs are on point and the promotional shill video’s only bring up the premium feel to the next level! Shilling this token is EZ
More Info:

📊 Important Links:
Contract: 0x34748132476a372e1ddacc93a33e2fa71c15cded
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x34748132476a372e1ddacc93a33e2fa71c15cded
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x5D72bB121aE8883fF8d5BF48AC81b15eD39F4ffB
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x34748132476a372e1ddacc93a33e2fa71c15cded#readContract
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2021.10.26 08:43 InspectorNoir Rebecca (Drama/Romance 1940) | Alfred Hitchcock

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2021.10.26 08:43 akvopipobm HumorHey! WG! Please change WorldOfWarships official home page background ....here’s a pic for you! I find it more accurate atm :(

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2021.10.26 08:43 smartybrome ITIL 4: Exámenes Ejemplo (4 exámenes tipo oficial)

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2021.10.26 08:43 ASDW20 Black Friday really got me listening to Christmas music in October 🤘😔🎄

Just "Deck the Halls" but still...
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2021.10.26 08:43 Th3_Scatman PS5 help Penetrator.

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2021.10.26 08:43 Bold518Spider Who can guess my mbti.... Hint( its the best one out of all of em)

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2021.10.26 08:43 Interesting_Gee 23 [M4A] Movie/Badminton Buddy?

Hi, i love watching series and movie especially horro and superhero stuffs. We have discord channel, just pm me. I'm looking for badminton buddy too this Sunday. Our schedule is 1-3pm around Camanava area.
About me: 5'6ft, moreno, glasses, cute(?)
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