Streamlabs Event List CSS "Problem"

2021.10.26 08:16 nopstr Streamlabs Event List CSS "Problem"

So I've been using the custom Event List CSS from Nerd or Die found here.
I would love to set the icons of the events as my sub badges, depending on how long they have been subbed to the channel. I understand that the selector for resubs would be ".twitch-resubscription", but is there a way to specify how long a person has been subbed to the channel?
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2021.10.26 08:16 AlexisColoun P is for portal

In this story, I am the one who needed the support. Therefor I hope that it's still is a valid post in here, although the humor is quite... Light.
Some time ago, I added a WAP to my home network. It came without any means of power delivery, that's why I bought a simple poe injector with it. I plugged everything in, saw the lights on the WAP start blinking as described in the manual and tried to register it to the cloud management portal, which did not work. That's when I opened a ticket with the manufacturers helpdesk.
After a bit back an forth, answering all the standard questions, we decided that he (the help desk employee) wanted to remot into my machine and have a look himself.
All danty with that, session established, he opens my browser and starts to type in the URL for the management portal, which starts with the word portal.
As soon, as he had typed the letter P, the little rat of a browser decided to spit out what it though was a nice collection of urls I may could try to access... Let's say, the portal was number 7 or 8.
There was a brief moment of silence on the line, as we both stared at the screen. He then proceeded to type in the URL and talked over it with some background informations about ports that have to be open for the WAP to communicate with the server.
In the end it was a DOA poe injector, which provided power but would not pass data.
And hats off to that support employee. I hope you are well and had a good laugh out of that. Cheers!
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2021.10.26 08:16 nooblesoup_ [H] PAL Shiny Zacian/Zamazenta code sets, NA Newsletter Dada Zarude/Shiny Celebi code sets [W] US eShop gift cards

Hey all!
Shiny Zacian/Zamazenta sets (stock: 70)
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10 Dada Zarude/Shiny Celebi code sets for $50 eShop code
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2021.10.26 08:16 TomoIsMyNameO Selling rare Freddy tape

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2021.10.26 08:16 Gavin30X PS4 32/32 need members to join to take over teams as they become available.
Very active.
Advance Monday Wednesday and Friday.
Leagues been ran since Madden 20.
Very fun atmosphere.
Join through link or reply if interested.
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2021.10.26 08:16 OhioInvadesUSA [deleted]

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2021.10.26 08:16 rehan2599 The title text of mine is breaking it should be one liner and it is not working as expect in iphone se 1st gen anyone knows how to fix this?

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2021.10.26 08:16 occholism what is the most obscure yet interesting documentary you've ever watched?

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2021.10.26 08:16 ijustwantheadpatspls Consider yourself warned!!1!

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2021.10.26 08:16 Such-Sound446 Lmao like I said to ater there’s a million play and yours is dead. Prog is squeezing so hard

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2021.10.26 08:16 Caity-nerd How do u pronounce "Sure"?

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2021.10.26 08:16 Salty-Ad6128 Yolo 🐸 $PROG

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2021.10.26 08:16 Avirajs Update on Android

So today SFS got updated on Android and the new feature was something called announcement. Does anyone know what it is and how to activate it ?
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2021.10.26 08:16 KingChad31 Barrel Sauna Build

Hey guys, I’m building a barrel sauna from scratch. I have already purchased the cedar wood and it’s off to be dried in the kiln before I start cutting it. My question is, where can I purchase the metal strapping and doors at an affordable price?
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2021.10.26 08:16 Jessannla Anddd I officially have failed. This is soooo bad and I need advice

So, I was the stepmom that had an amazing bond with my SD. Everything has been great for years. I’ve been in her life since she was 7 and she’s now 13 and in 8th grade. Things have been a rollercoaster since the pandemic started. Her mom and dad were in a 3 year custody battle and then her mother picked up and left and moved 4 states away pretty much in the spring of 2020. I went from being a 50/50 stepmom to a 80% plus full time mom. And in the thick of it my husband lost his job and so it’s been insane. Well, fast forward to now and she has been extra moody and has all the fun little attitude stuff that a normal teenager has and I’ve never put any stock into that behavior as I chalked it up to teenagers being teenagers but last night I had my breaking point. I’m literally paying for everything including our mortgage, and my SD health insurance and dental, buying her everything, paying for vacations, because I have an amazing job and can afford to do these things for her and I know she misses her mom and I always encourage her to have a good relationship with her on the phone when she’s not visiting but I overheard her last night making fun of me to her mom on the phone and it was in such a gossipy nasty way that it hurt so much and I mean I have NEVER yelled at her and I just lost it and was like “how dare you be so disrespectful and bad mouth me like that -if you want to go live with your mom then you should go then because clearly you don’t appreciate everything I do for you here” I mean it hurt to hear and I reacted piss poor but her reaction was equally surprising as she was like “fine I’ll go live with my mom then.” We are suppose to fly up to New York City in a week and in 2 weeks do universal for thanksgiving week and my heart is shattered in pieces as I feel so sad and I don’t really know where to go from here with my SD and I. My husband has my back because he know how much I do and have done and how much I bend over backwards for her and he feels like it was a slap in the face as well. The truth is we are burnt out as there has been a lot of drama but this was the tipping point. I need advice on where to go from here and if anyone has been in a similar situation?
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2021.10.26 08:16 M3chr0MaNceR Came here to share something cursed.

Leo could make a human centipede.
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2021.10.26 08:16 Yelpsa The Safe Place. I will keep this short and sweet. A place to make new friends and talk about different topics, like Gaming, roleplay, anime, and more. You get to pick the type of content you want to be a part of. Any age is welcome, LGBT friendly.

The Safe Place. I will keep this short and sweet. A place to make new friends and talk about different topics, like Gaming, roleplay, anime, and more. You get to pick the type of content you want to be a part of. Any age is welcome, LGBT friendly. submitted by Yelpsa to Discordserverlisting [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 08:16 Nohan07 Présidentielle 2022. Ivresse des sondages, gueule de bois démocratique

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2021.10.26 08:16 Woftam11 Bloody whale is at it again. Eat the dip…

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2021.10.26 08:16 femboy_grayson A Detailed Analysis on Judging: Episode 2

So i wrote a whole ass dissertation in defense of the Boulet's judging last week and thought id do it again because this episode was chaotic to say the least. I am not the Boulet's and am not speaking for them. Im just someone who does drag/burlesque for a living and likes to take a close look at what major competitions look for in artists. And I think this one is super warented seeing how everything played out. Spoilers for the whole episode obviously. Lets get into it cause this one is longer than the last and takes a look at every contestant this time.
oof so this episode was... choices... I was not a big fan of this episode challenge wise, edit wise, performance wise... It was very lack luster compared to episode 1. I thought the theme was a really good idea, and paused the episode to think about what i might do in a theme like this and honestly? I couldn't really think of anything super original. I really blanked because there's only so many ways you could do a vampire beach outfit and have it translate for someone whos not told what the theme is. I thought that might be a me problem since i perfom with fluctuating gender style and would want to do something more masculine. Cause the immediate thing I think of is something retro and femme, and we saw that from a lot of the contestants. It was a lot of the same thing, so while the challange was a cute idea its not something i think can give a lot of versatility.
When we meet the Boulet's to explain the challenge, i honesty was a little confused since they didn't explain what the contestants were doing very well. I actually had to rewatch that segment while writing this. We got the theme of course, but challenge wise was a little muddy. They wanted the outfit modeled in a music video making the challenge a performance challenge. And they mentioned the contestants would be working in pairs. And... Thats it. They said they would get more into it later but really did not from what we could see. So im wondering if the contestants were given more instructions? But even they seemed confused.
Watching the teams work together was a clusterfuck. Everyone seemed super confused as to what they were supposed to be doing, some working on choreo, Sigourney and Astrud pulling their gags, Merrie and Koco just looking at each other... It was so awkward. I think Merrie and Koco are the best example of how confusing the challenge was. Merrie would suggest dance moves and Koco would look confused. And Koco would suggest something that doesn't make sense and Merrie would be confused. They got into it about making the outfits more retro like everyone else and I'm curious about that since making it retro was never mentioned by the Boulet's, but everyone seemed very 60's inspired with a 60's song excluding Dahli, Merrie, and Koco.
Even on stage, a lot of people look so stiff. I was very confused as to why it was shot together when there was an emphasis on working in teams? I think the competitors also felt that way. I really wasn't into it, I've seen that a lot of people were also not into it from looking at the discussion board on Reddit. I think that just comes down to the fact that the challenge was not explained very well to us or the contestants.
Before i get into everyone's looks and performance i wanna talk for a second about the guest judges. The guest judges have always played a huge part on the show and as far as i know also score the contestants. They're usually apart of the horroalt/drag/nightlife scene and make sense for the episode but the judges were Vanessa Hudgens and some DJ ive never heard of??? Why? What business do they have judging a vampire challenge? And we see the Boulet's talk about the contestants with the guest judges not there. I have a feeling that this was to not tamper with the guest judge's scores or opinions of what they saw. And i feel these guest judges scored more on looks than they did performance wise this week; especially as judges that are not well versed in alternative nightlife and performance such as this.
So already we have a niche theme, confusing challenge, and judges with no business being there. We're off to a great start lol. I think all of these factors made this episode a mess. But when you look at these factors you can start to piece together why people placed the way they placed. Because this episode was so confusing I'm simply going to talk about each pair's looks, performance, and how well they worked together as thats how they were judged. Im going to go from best to worst group. Even though the Boulets reveal theyre being judged individually, standing next to someone else the entire time while working with them can really impact how you do as an individual.
The winner this week was Saint. Her outfit had a bit of 60's wetsuit inspiration but was very fashion forward. With so much retro tonight im glad it was more of an inspiration than a direct reference, and her performance with Zavaleta was very sexy. I think their pairing did the best, but Saint shined through more with that moment of blood sucking. It almost made Zavaleta look like a prop. But even then Zavaleta gave a really good performance with a direct 60's look that stood out a lot better with the little details and reveals she added like the toenails. In fact i think Zavaleta's outfit had a lot more detail than Betty's or even Hoso. She really deserved the top placement.
Dahli and Hoso were the most fun to watch for me. It was so goofy and silly, and Dahli as the shy guy at the beach party was genius. Although his outfit didn't really scream beach when i first saw it. It looked more like a sexy period costume with an uncle fester overcoat, but overall i think it didnt look out of place for the theme. I think Dahli could have won if the outfit gave more of the beach theme. Hoso's lifeguard outfit was a really good concept, but it didnt have the details to match up compared to someone like saint who won. It seems as though Dahli also overshadowed her performance as i cant really remember anything unique she did besides her reveals. Her performance was still super cute and campy, and i honestly would have made her safe. But she worked a lot better with Dahli than a group like Bitter and Jade.
Jade's look was super cool. The hair, the jacket, the striped swimwear... It was so interesting to see from her and the makeup was beyond. It was very barbie goes to the beach, but with punk details and a gnarly bat face. When she pulled the head our of the bag it was super campy and fun. Her performance with Betty was very choreo heavy, and you could see Betty tripping up with it. And when there wasn't Choreo, Betty really didnt know what to do with herself on her own. I thought the wig loss was supposed to be on purpose, as it looked like she was wearing a baldcap and had a great moment of putting sunscreen on her head. I think it looked like an accident as she fumbled with it and didnt have anything like slime or blood come out of it. Her look was also not stellar, a pink swimsuit with a black cover up, just didnt say vampire and was lackluster for beachwear. Honestly the only thing that said vampire was the teeth. Bad performance, bad look, bad teamwork, she deserved the bottom.
Sigourney and Astrud really struggled together, and were a group i think also focused more on choreo but had no chemistry. I think chemistry is what really gave an edge to DahliHoso and SaintZavaleta, and it looked as though Jade gave chemistry that wasnt well reciprocated by Betty. Sigourney's outfit was... ok... it was another 60's inspired look with the stripes, and the bat shaped top was cute but it was more or less a bat shaped swimsuit. I think it just looked a lot better next to Astrud cause that outfit was awful. If Sigourney was paired with someone like Saint she would have really been in trouble. Astrud's look didn't read swimsuit or beach and didnt read vampire as much as others. We got to see a really cool moment of Sigourney throwing a blood margarita all over herself, but nothing memorable from Astrud. I think this good margarita moment and more polished look is what kept Sigourney safe; as even she was surprised she wasn't in the bottom. I personally dont think an overdress would have saved Astrud's look either. I know im supposed to be defending the judging here, but i would not have placed Astrud in the bottom. I think her performance and look and teamwork warented it, but i also think there was someone who did worse than her. And that was...
Koco. Now hold up, i know this sub went nuts that Merrie should have been in the bottom and yous are ready to gouge my eyes out but just listen. It's undeniable that the worst group was Koco and Merrie. They did not work together at all, had zero chemistry and stood next to each other the entire time doing their own thing. But Koco's look was not stellar at all. It read vampire but not beach. It read more as a bloody hooker outfit with a shawl over it. And it didnt help that half the time she was performing behind Merrie. She had an ok moment where Merrie poured blood over her, and maybe thats what gave her an edge over Astrud, because Astrud had no moment that made her shine. I think maybe the outfit was also more polished than Astrud. But Coco made zero effort to work with her partner, and I truly feel that should have put her in the bottom.
Now did Merrie do bad? Absolutely. Was she the worst? No. I don't think so. Let's start with the outfit. I personally like that outfit. I think its a gorgeous gown. Its very horror meets glamour, but was missing the vampire element. i think if she added a wig under the headpiece, and did rougher horror makeup with big eyes and knarlier teeth the look would've been so much better. I think what saved her is that we have 8 different 60's inspired swimwear slutty outfits onstage that read too close to each other while she thought outside the box. And if you remember before, Dahli's outfit didnt read as beach or ocean but still read as vampire and could still corolate to her surroundings. And i think Koco's outfit gave vampire but not beach. I think Merrie's was the opposite where it read very ocean matching her surroundings but just didnt read vampire. And the Boulet's liked that it read as a canibal/vampire of the sea. The performance was just terrible, but i can also give credit that the gown looked really heavy with the beadwork. Its very hard to move, dance and reach for props in a gown like that, and if she had help from her teamate with interaction and chemistry the performance may have been better. Not saying Koco should have carried her, but if they actually worked together like they were supposed to they both could have benefited.
As someone who works in nightlife I can say the over-critisism that black performers get is a lot and unwarranted. The over-critisism that fat performers get is a lot and unwanted. Being a larger queen and a black queen is tough. And i can confidentiality say if Astrud came out in what Merrie was wearing a lot of you would love it. You'd say it's outstanding and out of the box and different. There are a lot of ingrained social contructs we follow in society that gets skinny white performers farther for the same things we criticize in other marginalized performers. Its a fact, and we should be working to stop that shit especially in queer alternative scenes. I can confidently say if Astrud wore that outfit she wouldve been safe. Because her performance and teamwork would still be bad but she wouldve had an original outfit that looked better than what she was wearing.
So out of the low safe and Bottoms:
Merrie - bad performance, bad teamwork, a decent outfit that needed extra details yet hit the beach theme. Did not hit vampire, yet was more original than others.
Astrud - bad performance, bad outfit, didnt get a moment to shine and had bad teamwork and chemistry with her partner
Betty - Bad unoriginal outfit, ok teamwork but couldn't hold her own and gave a clumsy performance
Koco - decent outfit that read vampire but not so much swimwear and was similar to other outfits onstage. bad teamwork, bad performance.
If we're judging these people individually as far as outfit and performance, Betty and Astrud make the most sense for the bottom two. Their outfits were bad, their performances were bad, and their teamwork was spotty. I think going back to who judged this week and having very little drag/horror knowledge they saw Koco and Merrie's looks as redeeming to their teamwork and performances. Performance is something that usually trumps look on dragula, but with these judges I think this episode was just different. And if all 4 of them had bad performances and teamwork, but 2 of them had better outfits, who's safe? The ones with better outfits.
Of course Betty did better in extermination, placing the leaches on her and proving herself a bit more. I think Astrud's fall was her meltdown, and honestly talking over Drac is a fucking death sentence, and she made excuses onstage. I think Betty could have really gone home if it wasnt for Astrud's outburst, and if she didnt pull the stunt she did. Like if Astrud got more into the extermination, she probably would have stayed.
And like i said last time, the Boulet's are very blunt that it's their show and they'll keep who they want. I think it's super nasty seeing some of the comments about Merrie that im seeing. If you love Astrud so much you should be buying her merch and going to her shows and sharing her socials, not punching down on another artist, especially a fat black artist who has had to fight for her place in New York of all cities. Drag on TV is... Drag on TV. It's overedited for the drama, youre not in your home terf so getting ready and being yourself can be challenging and uncomfortable, and the audience is not seeing who a person really is. I am actually moving to Brooklyn in November, and know that Merrie Cherry is called the mother of Brooklyn because she worked and fought for a lot of the spaces that exist in Brooklyn today. And its very wild to see some of you who dont do drag critique her entire career based on two looks you saw on TV. I was actually very shocking to see her announced on cast since shes not a spooky queen. But its very hard to further your career when you dont fit the mold of drag race or dragula, and i think shes doing a pretty good job on the platform shes on for what she does. Im ready for the comments to say, "hey Merrie Cherry how are ya," lol... Im not even a big stan but its just super upsetting to see people rip on a larger black entertainer like this. Its not like she personally sent your favorites home, and every artist deserves respect. These are real people who spent a lot of money and time to be there for your entertainment, not just fictional characters on television. We need to remember that and be respectful.
Overall this episode was not my favorite. The challenge was niche and not explained well, the contestants all looked confused, the guest judges were poor... It was a lot. But i think if you really look into it, the judging this episode makes sense for what we got. It's honestly not that controversial, just what we got just wasn't all that good. Hopefully next week is better explained and really turns out.
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2021.10.26 08:16 Mikel_Piedrola Beginning of the Daily Candle 10/26/2021 – Informative preview

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2021.10.26 08:16 FoxFeetLionFace Ahhh so that means this bald degenerate was the one that dobbed owen into the CPS (if it were so)

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2021.10.26 08:16 MushirMickeyJoe I made a video tutorial of how to easily texture massive surfaces | Creating high quality pixel art

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2021.10.26 08:16 H25azbxwyz Turkey's president bans US ambassador, 9 others as 'persona non grata'

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2021.10.26 08:16 opie_beans Buying all Sock on the Walls!

Need heaps of them, maybe you have some left over from winterfest last year 👀
Either PM me prices or comment them below with a world name, thanks
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